Columnist Asks How ‘Fredo’ Cuomo Remains on CNN

If CNN were a real news network, it would be embarrassed by two things: its ratings and its anchors.

As for ratings, like all things Leftist, if the network weren’t putting its thumb on the scale broadcasting in airports and a few bars, it would rank lower than Fox News these days. This same tactic is used to prop up the NFL and the NBA, in the days of being “woke”, but I digress.

Back to CNN and the second reason the Leftist propaganda network should be embarrassed: its anchors.

Don Lemon is undoubtedly the worst host on television. Put another way: I thought AOC was dumb. And what about the rest of the lineup?

Jake Tapper. “LAWD!” is all I can say about that clown. Anderson Cooper used to have credibility, but he sold out long ago as well.

While there are many other lesser known anchors who are just as bad as the aforementioned, I want to focus on Chris Cuomo.

The New York Post’s Maurine Callahan wrote of Fredo:

Is there a bigger joke in broadcast news than Chris Cuomo?

Now, he says, he cannot cover his brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, because it’s a conflict of interest. You don’t say? Apparently no such conflict arose when Chris constantly hosted his brother during the height of the pandemic, tastelessly turning his nightly news show into “The Cuomo Brothers Variety Hour.”

Keep in mind that while The Cuomo Brothers Variety Hour played, Cuomo the Elder killed over 15,000 old people in nursing homes. That’s when he wasn’t busy chasing skirts. But Holy Mother of Son of Sam, Lil Bro didn’t mention his brother’s record-setting death spree.

Callahan continues,

The governor took time out of his busy schedule — consisting of daily ego baths dressed up as press conferences and writing a book about leadership while allegedly sexually harassing at least one young employee and eugenically shunting old people with COVID into nursing homes and certain death — to answer hard-hitting questions and accusations such as these, posed by little brother Chris:

“No matter how hard you’re working, there’s always time to call Mom. She wants to hear from you.”

“You know that what people are saying about how you look really can’t be accurate, so it must be hard for you to make sense of what is real and what is true now. I feel for you.”

“Now I’ve seen you referred to a little bit recently as the LuvGuv and I’m wondering if that’s bleeding into your demeanor at all and making you a little soft on the president?”

“Do you think you are an attractive person now because you’re single and ready to mingle?” (Those last two haven’t aged well at all.)

Daily ego baths. Now that’s funny. Because they were so accurate.

Callahan was right to add her comment about the last two quips by Fredo. Ouch!

As I consider how CNN allowed this rat-frat to occur, I’m reminded of Biden polling during the election and now. And the media wonders why the fake news moniker sticks?


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