LEAKED VIDEO: Cuomo to Female Reporter ‘Eat the Whole Sausage’

Any idea what New York Governor Andrew Cuomo meant when he told the attractive young female reporter to “eat the whole sausage”?

Just a touch of “in your end, DOH!” in that statement. Below is the video of the creepy governor.

Note that Cuomo is all smiles as he makes his suggestive double entendre to the gorgeous reporter.

Funny that we didn’t hear too much about this, until the recent allegations against the dictator of New York. Now, Cuomo’s transgressions appear everywhere. Even Saturday Night Live. 

Wasn’t it Cuomo who said to “Be kind to everyone?” As the saying finished, “you may meet them on your way down.”

Well, Cuomo is definitely on his way down. I’m not sure who issued the fatwa against him, but the hit likely won’t be canceled.

I knew this day would come, when Cuomo decided not to enter the race for the presidency. A crowd of nobodies, and the Dictator of New York refused to enter the fray. On top of that, the front-runner was a 77-year old corrupt white dude with dementia.

The Democratic Party was ripe for the pickin’. Yet, Cuomo stayed out. As he was told. Who knows what he was promised; but I don’t think it was the knife in the back he’s currently trying to pull out.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

Yes, Dr. Seuss, there will likely be more fish who accuse Cuomo of swimming too closely to them in the pond.

Cuomo has been targeted. And I suspect they want him to deny, as they trot out more women finally willing to speak against the sexual predator. Ironically, one of the biggest sexual predators sits his boney ass in the White House.

One can only believe that if Biden were coherent enough, he’d be laughing his ass off at this development. And I’m sure it’s only one of many. So stay tuned for the next dump of Cuomo dirt.


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