After Latest Scandal, How do Cuomosexuals feel NOW?

In scandal number four for the year, Andrew Cuomo is now being investigated over his unfair advantage related to covid-testing.

Apparently, the Governor used his political status to give an unfair and illegal advantage to his extended family.

It completely fits Cuomo’s need to put his power on display. Just as he’s done with most every women he’s encountered both professionally and personally.

I ask Leftists all the time, “Have you considered that you may be wrong?” Because those boneheads never question their idiotic ideas or their so-called leaders.

Leftists are delusional and pissed off that we know it. Trapped in muddled ideology, these hapless clowns are too stupid to recognize their braindead ideas. Still, many consider themselves academics, intellectuals. Evolved. Worse, WOKE.

More like sleep-walking; they go through life in a fantasy world. Leftists rarely live their ideology. Because that would require them to actually recognize, well…THE REAL WORLD.

This is why I love our current soap opera: “Cuomo Moments”, in reference to the New York Governor.

Not more than a couple of months ago, Leftists fawned all over the now embattled Cuomo. Many referred to themselves a “Cuomosexuals”.

In the video above, comedic hack Trevor Noah called Cuomo’s actions during the scamdemic “insightful”, among other platitudes. He praised Cuomo’s leadership stating that Cuomo put people over profits; a clear shot at capitalists.

But did Cuomo put people over profits? How many New York businesses went under? How many suicides happened on his watch- people distraught over losing their businesses, their life savings? Just how many people were hospitalized for the same reasons? And what of divorces or strained relationships brought on by financial hardship?

Noah’s ignorance shows, as he neglects this human toll of Cuomo’s decisions.

Further, Noah praised Cuomo at a time when Cuomo and team were cooking the books on the number of old people the mass-murdering governor killed.

Still, Noah attempts to laugh at himself as he dismisses his previous undying adulation for “Killa” Cuomo:

I don’t find it funny. Perhaps if Noah hadn’t “jizzed” down his own leg over Cuomo earlier, I could buy his mea culpa. Frankly however, I don’t find it amusing when 15,000+ people die over the political gamesmanship, and the media and entertainment industry participate willingly.

I have a question for Trevor Noah: How many other things are you wrong about?

The comedic hack spent 4 years talking sh*t about President Trump. I don’t recall any positive words of praise for all the amazing things done by Trump. In fact, in the wake of Noah’s new knowledge of Cuomo, did he apologize to President Trump on any of the things he previous praised Cuomo on? The fact that President Trump attempted to hold Cuomo responsible for his reckless behavior during the Wuflu crisis?

Noah conveniently skipped that part, as he searched for the laugh that rarely comes with his work.

Again I ask, “What else are Noah and other Leftists wrong about?”

Global climate change, aka weather? Building a wall, as they hide in their gated communities or walk around surrounded by armed security?

Who are the REAL racists, sexists, and homophobes, now that we can take a look back at what Noah previously said of Trump supporters?

Look who else quickly distanced themselves from Cuomo, according to the New York Post:

  • Daily Beast editor-at-large Molly Jong-Fast once penned a feature about her coronavirus-era crush on the governor. “All of a sudden, I love Governor Cuomo, his soothing Queens accent, his stories about his dad Mario,” Jong-Fast wrote in March 2020.  
  • Star New York Times media columnist Ben Smith apparently deleted an old tweet that declared, ”All Andrew Cuomo’s worst qualities are serving him and New York, well.”
  • CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza has completely changed his tune on the “Love Guv,” too. Cillizza, who once suggested Cuomo could be the “single most popular politician in America” and “the most important voice in the coronavirus crisis.”  

One group posted a timeline of Cuomo adulation. They wrote:

…the “internet is forever.” Here is a brief timeline of the adoring coverage Andrew Cuomo received from CNN, despite growing evidence of his failure, all to achieve a political goal.

March 22 – “‘I’m gonna go to work’: How Andrew Cuomo and his press conferences contrast with President Trump”

“Cuomo has been blunt and at times searching, but unerringly forthright, even with unnerving information. He has been open in seeking out the equipment desperately needed by health care providers, like face masks and ventilators. Asked on Friday if the state was headed toward a cash crunch, he answered, ‘Yes.’ When discussing his statewide order requiring workers in nonessential businesses to stay home, Cuomo acknowledged the potential for criticism.”

March 24 – “Everyone needs to see Andrew Cuomo’s inspiring words on the fight against coronavirus”

“That is an elected official standing up and reminding us that we’ve been in bad situations before and the way we’ve always persevered is by sticking together, remember that we all have a lot more in common than we have that differentiates us. That only by understanding we are all in this together — healthy, sick, old, young, health care worker, politician, whatever, will we get through it. That there is always a light at the end of the tunnel even if we can’t always see it. And that getting there won’t be easy, but we will get there.

That is leadership. It is empathy in action. That is what we need.”

March 24 – “Cuomo takes shot at brother: You’ve got hands like bananas”

“CNN’s Chris Cuomo and his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, take playful shots at each other at the end of a discussion on the effort in New York state to combat coronavirus.”

March 25 – “Thank God for Andrew Cuomo”

“In the midst of a pandemic, Americans need real leadership — and the New York governor has risen to the occasion. In the face of a feckless, reckless president spreading disinformation by the day, Cuomo has stepped up, using his platform to share accurate public health information and demand action.”

Note: March 25 was the day Andrew Cuomo introduced the nursing home mandate which forced COVID-19 positive patients back into nursing homes.

March 28 – “The surprising rise of Andrew Cuomo”

“New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s daily coronavirus pandemic press conferences have become must see television. Democrats have been praising them, and some have even floated him as a 2020 presidential contender.”

March 31 – “Andrew Cuomo said he’ll never run for president. That’s a mistake.”

“But the reality — and trust me, someone who has been in and around politics for as long as Andrew Cuomo knows this — is that a) he is getting extremely high marks not just in New York but nationally for his take-the-bull-by-the-horns approach to the crisis and b) the fight against coronavirus will be the defining moment in not only his governorship but his political career to date.”

March 31 – “Andrew Cuomo to Chris: You’re the meatball of the family”

“CNN’s Chris Cuomo and his brother New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo took turns poking fun of each other after a discussion about the coronavirus efforts in New York.”

That was just the Cuomo lovefest for a small part of March.

It continued in April, even after “Killa” had begun killing old New Yorkers.

April 3 – “10 leaders who mattered most on coronavirus response this week”

“[Ranked at Number 1] Andrew Cuomo: The governor of New York continues to be, for much of the country, the face of the government response to coronavirus. His daily news conferences have become must-see TV and he is now having to dodge questions about running for president. His televised back-and-forth with his younger brother — CNN’s Chris Cuomo (more on him below) — has softened some of his sharpest edges, too.”

May 1 – “Andrew Cuomo may be the single most popular politician in America right now”

“Cuomo’s poll numbers have far less to do with Trump and far more to do with the governor’s everywhere-all-the-time approach to dealing with the coronavirus crisis. Cuomo’s daily press briefings on the state of the state’s fight against the virus have become must-see TV — as Cuomo ranges from stern father to loving counselor to frank friend and back. He has also benefited from radical transparency about what he knows and doesn’t know about the state’s fight against the coronavirus. And from his naturally micromanaging style.”

May 6 – “Chris Cuomo pokes fun at Andrew Cuomo’s newfound celebrity”

“CNN’s Chris Cuomo pokes fun at his brother’s, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), celebrity and raised profile during the coronavirus pandemic.”

May 7 – “Trump’s incompetence makes Andrew Cuomo’s performance look better than it is”

“When compared to Trump, Cuomo certainly does appear to be ‘doing it all’ for the city and state of New York. And as a leader who has the courage to take responsibility and the blame for the ramifications of shutting down the state, he is a vastly better leader compared to a feckless President who refuses to take any responsibility for the extensive loss of life occurring under his watch.

But that’s the problem with putting an incompetent reality TV host in the White House: After four years of gross incompetence and blatant ineptitude, we’ve come to simply be grateful for any kind of consistent and capable leadership we do receive, instead of demanding the kind of leadership we deserve.”

May 21 – “Chris Cuomo teases brother Andrew Cuomo with giant test swab”

“CNN’s Chris Cuomo jokes with his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, about the size of his nose. On May 17, the governor was tested for Covid-19 on live television to encourage others to get tested.”

By this time, Killa Cuomo started getting the news of old New Yorkers dying off like flies. His state was an embarrassment in Wuflu stats across the board. Yet, he was yucking it up with his little brother Fredo.

This continued for months. Until somebody on the Left decided that Cuomo needed to get his ego checked.

I don’t feel sorry for Cuomo. And I don’t feel sorry for Joey Demento or his handlers. Undoubtedly, they reap what they sow. And now America and the world laughs at these circus clowns.



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