Democrat Sex Crimes Continue: Biden’s Trafficking

What does the loving and tolerant left think about this: the President is aiding and abetting sex-trafficking.

I’m not talking about his blatant sexual harassment of hundreds of women. The fact that so called #MeToo liberals voted him in proves no one cares how many necks Joe breathes down. He still a puppet for the Democrats.

This is much worse. I’m talking about the human trafficking of children. And yes, the left’s beloved president, Captain Demento, is culpable.

What’s remarkable is that leftists pretend they have no idea where the correlation comes in. But here’s a key phrase to jog their memories:


Under President Trump, we secured our borders, even as liberals kicked, screamed, and protested. And who benefited the most? Children. That’s right. Because it is the world’s most vulnerable that are the world’s most victimized. And that’s exactly what we are seeing here in Texas.

But in the famous words of Twister Sister: We’re not gonna take it anymore!

As Fox News writes:

The Biden administration is nearly “aiding and abetting in human trafficking” due to what is occurring at the southern border, Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, said on Thursday.

“This is inhumane is what’s happening here,” the former Fort Bend County sheriff told “Fox & Friends,” sounding the alarm on the Biden administration facing a migrant surge at the border.

Meanwhile, Southern Border Coordinator Roberta Jacobson said Wednesday that it was not a “coincidence” border crossing attempts spiked after President Biden took office.

Asked if surges at the border could be linked to Biden’s undoing of Trump-era border policies, Jacobson said: “We’ve seen surges before. Surges tend to respond to hope, and there was significant hope for a more humane policy after four years of pent-up demand.

More hope? Let’s be a little more truthful here.

In 2020, we had approximately 7,000 crossings at the southern border.  Just last month, we had 9,400 crossings from unaccompanied minors alone!

Do liberals understand what happens to these children? They are used as a distraction to keep border agents busy babysitting when they should be stopping illegal crossings.

And once these children are freed from border patrol, many are snatched up and forced into slavery or sexual slavery. It’s nothing trivial. And let’s just throw in one more statistic. Border agents made 78,000 arrests along the Mexican border in January. When Biden said open the gate, that fool wasn’t kidding.

Now the Biden administration is scrambling to figure out what went wrong. And their “we need to undo Trump’s agenda” destroyed the lives of thousands of kids. But by all means, let’s listen to the excuses.

Fox continues:

“There was a hope for a more humane policy after four years of pent-up demand, so I don’t know if I would call that a coincidence,” said Jacobson, who spoke during the daily White House briefing. “But the idea that a more humane policy would be in place may have driven people to make that decision, but perhaps, more importantly, it definitely drove smugglers to express disinformation, spread disinformation about what was now possible,” said Jacobson, who also serves as special assistant to the president, told reporters. She was also an ambassador to Mexico from 2016 to 2018.

Smugglers, sometimes known as “coyotes,” are known to lure migrants across the border, promising few repercussions.

The former Texas sheriff said that children are “being trafficked” and law enforcement needs to address it immediately.

“When you think about the thousands of individuals entering our southern border and many of those being children, being minors who are then released to HHS that will go out and try to find a person or people that will be a caretaker or a sponsor,” Nehls said.

“And my concern is that many of these young people are being released into our cities across our great nation to individuals that may not have the children’s best interests at heart. And that is a concern. [Now] it’s law enforcement’s responsibility to go up there and clean up this mess when these kids are being trafficked. Clearly, I think this administration is almost aiding and abetting in human trafficking.”

So now, the same police we defunded need to step in and save these children? How does that work? Because last I checked, it takes a budget to go around saving the day.

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