Democrats Are Not Leaders

We don’t have to look far to see how ill-equipped the Biden Administration is at handling, well – anything. I’m not sure any of them could even figure out how to wash their car.

But Democrats, as a rule, use and abuse those that vote for them. Historically, they emotionally manipulated every pocket of society willing to be led – right to the edge of the cliff, unfortunately.

Take a look at Blacks and now Hispanics. There’s not a Black or Mexican that Democrats won’t exploit.

Democrats are not leaders, and certainly not born leaders. Their only way of leading is to suppress, admonish, intimidate, and emotionally beholden weaker segments of society into believing that they will “get” all that they need and more so, all that they want. ‘Just vote for us’ is the only caveat.

It’s the worst parenting story ever. Spoil them into loving you.

Look at all the major US cities that are run by Democrats. Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco, Portland, and need I say – New York City. It’s just ghastly what’s happening within those 302 square miles and to the population of 8 million New Yorkers. Need I say more than “inept leadership” when considering Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio? Because they grinded New York into the dirt while making spectacles of their manufactured successes.

Governor Cuomo used intimidation to force his administration to succumb to his whims and failed leadership. Thus, they lied for him throughout his tenure as Governor. Ruthless and relentless in his pursuit of scaring underlings into toeing the line. And shutting their mouths.

Meanwhile, Bill De Blasio is on the mission to be the most WOKE mayor. Thus, he’s witnessing his city fall apart while millions do the Great Exodus from the city that never sleeps. De Blasio defunds the police after he failed to support them throughout his time as mayor. He then depletes their administrative coffers to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter, which ironically ends up trashing, vandalizing, injuring, and killing innocent people and children.

But these two clowns don’t get it. They are not leaders. Cuomo single-handedly administered to the killing of 15,000 nursing home patients. Is this number accurate? We still don’t know. More cover-ups. Now, De Blasio makes promises to ingratiate himself to those that don’t think for themselves. It’s all shrouded in the lie of supporting their constituencies.

It’s called beholden.

Why is it that Democrats cannot and will not ever take responsibility for their failed choices that in turn, don’t just hurt them, but society as a whole? Why? Because this is an all-out calculated plan to force weaker individuals into a type of serfdom. The Liberal leadership will be their “Lords” and will exert complete control over them as individuals, creating an indentured block of voters that will do the Liberal bidding.

Until they’re not anymore – individuals, that is. They are mere sheep.

Like it or not – the only thing keeping the sheep from being slaughtered in regards to empowering their mind and body is the Conservative party. This may be a hard pill to swallow, to be sure. But the fight the Right is pursuing is the fight to save every individual from being a pawn to Liberal leadership. Because Democrats believe their are too stupid to notice.

Maybe this is a good time for Liberals to ask themselves a very self-reflective question: Am I being used?

Interestingly, the Hippie movement of the 60s and 70s was actually against all things government and bureaucracy. Hippies wanted nothing to do with it. You know, make love not war, live and let live, and all of those generational platitudes.

But where are the Hippies now? Grab your popcorn, this part gets really good: The Hippies are now the ones leading these failed cities. They are supporting and following all of these government mandates and edicts that quite literally are designed to strip every individual of their mind, body, and worse of all – their collective spirit.


This is like one of Margaret Atwood’s worst stories – The Handmaid’s Tale. Hold onto your hats, we are embarking on this right now.

Atwood’s novels highlight the plight of dystopia. The meaning is about human misery in a society where oppression, disease, and squalor are in play.

Which Democratic-run city does this dystopia resemble? I’ll give you a hint:


Look at San Francisco with its tent cities and squalor. Look at Baltimore or Chicago with its crime and murder. For goodness sake, look at Portland. Now there’s a mayor that knows how to run a city!

Ted Wheeler vowed to defund police DURING riots with Black Lives Matter and Antifa killing people and savagely burning the city to the ground. He then can’t figure out why that doesn’t make these violent groups happy. Because when you are given everything and told you’re a victim – nothing is ever enough.

Now Wheeler thinks defunding is a mistake. You think?

How is it that the Hippies of yesteryear that wanted so desperately to rid this country of the red-tape and government over-reach have now all become lemmings to the left’s propaganda? Where did all those, headband-wearing, bell-bottom sporting, tie-dyed-wearing peeps go?

They drank the Kool-Aid. Further, they prided themselves on being the vanguard for change – and for God’s sake – individuality. In the end, they morphed nothing but a washed-up, weak group that succumbed to Jim Jones’ barrel. They not only allowed the government to take over absolutely every aspect of their lives, but they welcomed the intrusion. How can that be? How did that happen, and why?

Because Hippies lost their way and bought into emotional dependency.

The illogical approach to governing as laid out by the Democrats screams in the face of independent living and thinking. Hippies prided themselves as the independent thinkers that were going to break the chains of government oppression.

Until they became the oppressors themselves, or became the lemmings.

Either way – they are not vanguards for a free society. They are now the ones manipulating large populations of weak people into believing that government is the only thing that can save them.

It’s called emotional dependency. And it is a calculated manipulation of your mind and soul. All this for a nice walk into The Handmaid’s Tale- a dystopia of unfettered oppression.

Wow, sounds like a blast. Maybe the Hippies of the ’60s didn’t think this through.

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