Leftists Succumb: Build A Border Wall

While crooked politicians abandon their responsibility to the American public on one border, understand that borders are being built.

Check out Fort Pelosi. Not only is there a border wall between the elites and the peons, but they back their play with the military. Now America’s so-called “representatives” put a barrier between them and the people they supposedly serve. Their rationale? A trumped up lie about a fake Capitol insurrection on January 6th.

Still, a real surge occurs all over Leftist America. For example, Portland.

Antifa, a group the Left says doesn’t actually exist has been terrorizing that city for the better part of a decade. Real terrorists who have been allowed to act unimpeded. These clowns have blocked citizens from going to work and even shut down business, as city leaders looked the other way.

But when Antifa turned its attention to the bureaucrats themselves, the jellyfish reacted.

Check out the second wall being built to separate citizens from the elites.

The steel fence has returned to the federal courthouse in downtown Portland. This fencing was installed 3 days earlier, then removed as the city tried to return to “normal”. Well, “normal” happened, and the fence is back up.

Within hours of fence removal on Thursday, windows were smashed and fires set at the building, thus prompting the federal government to order the fence be rebuilt.

The video show crews are out on this rainy Sunday in Portland reinstalling the fence.

As you watch the video, look at the damage done to the courthouse. This is not one-time vandalism. This type of destruction is routine in the city, and not just to the courthouse.

Imagine if this damage were done by a Tea Party group, or anything resembling Trump supporters?

Look at Minneapolis. Currently, the city has a George Floyd Zone. Still, in this country, in Leftist Utopias, cities have areas where the police are not allowed to go, ergo “no go” zones.

Walls work

Oh the irony of America’s border being torn down, allowing illegals to come in. Meanwhile, citizens can’t reach their employees. All because Leftist goons control everything. And Democrats hired these people to create chaos and destruction.

American citizens must deal with the aftermath of millions of illegals, as politicians laugh behind secure walls. Elitists, immune to the very laws they pass for their electorate. Protected from the scourges they create.

How many more walls will be built to protect Leftists from other Leftists?

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