Liberals Deny the Existence of Cancel Culture

Shockingly, liberals don’t want to face the facts regarding their own policies or beliefs.

Instead, we’re stuck in a blame Trump game that is eroding everything that made America great again.

Biden’s only been in office 50 days. But Americans are paying more at both the gas pump and the grocery store. Families are having difficulty locating supplies and paying for them. For average people, it’s one assault after another. And then there is cancel culture. But now, leftists deny its existence. Because it’s all just a game of Bully Takes All.

Dr. Seuss’ contributions to the world are the perfect example. Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, you know several of his books were ripped off the shelves for their “blatant displays of racism.”

Why? Because Seuss depicted a Chinese boy who eats with sticks? Why isn’t this literature evaluated against its place in time?

Seuss was a children’s writer. Not Nostradamus.

He had no way to predict that our culture would evolve so far from the world Seuss lived in. Interestingly enough, I see The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn still floating around. Twain is evaluated against the culture of his time. Why the stark contrast?

Critics argue the assault on Seuss books isn’t cancel culture simply because the company quickly complied with leftist lunacy.

According to the New Yorker:

In 2017, the company had removed a mural from a Dr. Seuss museum in Massachusetts, after complaints that it featured the “Mulberry Street” illustration. That same year, Philip Nel, an English professor at Kansas State University, published a book called “Was the Cat in the Hat Black?,” which argued that the character had roots in minstrelsy shows.

There had been a pair of critical papers in academic journals (one was called “The Cat Is Out of the Bag: Orientalism, Anti-Blackness, and White Supremacy in Dr. Seuss’s Children’s Books”), but there were no reports of any vigorous movement to cancel Dr. Seuss. The criticisms of cancel culture tend to describe a politically correct mob, built around an angry consensus. But there was no mob. The Seussers had acted before it could form. Nel told the Times, “They may be motivated by the fact that racism is bad for the brand, or they may be motivated by a deeper sense of racial justice.” Maybe one more than the other.

Let’s call that “plausible deniability.”

Liberals use it often. Obviously, they know they’ve created a cancel culture. But acknowledging it would only serve to highlight the gap in values between the left and the right.

The New Yorker continues:

The response to the Seuss news, as with any incident that plausibly falls under the banner of cancel culture, was intense, with conservatives, as usual, seeming most outraged. Senator Ted Cruz implied that the Seuss episode had been part of a coordinated program of cancellation, tweeting, “Who knew Joe Biden was such a great book seller.” The Times columnist Ross Douthat wrote that it was “mildly creepy” that the Seuss group had pulled the books but “much creepier that so few people notionally in the free-expression business, so few liberal journalists and critics, seemed troubled by the move.” In fact, I found it hard to get too worked up about the possibility that a tenth of the readily available Seuss catalogue will be a little harder to find.

What made it interesting was that it reflected a pattern within what conservatives call cancel culture, in which liberal élites struggle with how deeply to identify with the activist point of view about structural racism, which many of them began to embrace in the Trump era. To Dr. Seuss Enterprises, it might have seemed possible that a progressive mob was waiting, ready to turn on “McElligot’s Pool” and “Mulberry Street.” But it is also possible—to me, it seems likely—that there was no such consensus at all.

That’s the leftist denial in a nutshell.

“It didn’t happen, because we say it didn’t happen.”

But believe me, cancel culture does exist. And it’s gone too far. Seuss is only one of the latest targets. The Muppets now come with a WARNING due to their racial tendencies. And Pepé Le Pew is on the chopping block because his 50 year quest to kiss the one girl he truly loves is promoting “rape culture.” Even Fluffy is in danger.

But I didn’t see any Mexicans offended by the quick little mouse. When is enough actually enough? Aren’t you tired of liberals and their hurt feelings? I know I am. And our team at The Black Sphere is working to cancel the cancel culture. Tell us what you think!

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