Pelosi Lives in Denial: Everything’s Under Control!

Only an idiot would continue to pretend all is well at the border. But that’s exactly what Nancy Pelosi is, an idiot!

I hate to be a name caller. My momma always said if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. But I have to leave that advice behind, because abiding by that rule today would render me a mute.

I honestly can’t think of anything nice to say. At least when comes to our current political atmosphere. Pelosi believes Biden is doing a better job of managing the border crisis. However, you can’t compare apples to oranges. Trump wiped out the border crisis. Thus, he was simply managing wall construction. But Biden thought he’d be better off without such security.

Biden opened the gates and what happened?

A flood of migrants. Hundreds, if not thousands of unaccompanied minors sent to divert the border patrol’s attention. And the holes left without security created hot spots for the cartel to take advantage of. But sure, it’s all under control.

As Fox News explains:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., expressed confidence in President Biden‘s handling of the surge of migrants at the Southern border, saying he’s got it “under control.”

Pelosi said Biden is approaching the migrants, especially unaccompanied minors, in a more “humane” way than former President Donald Trump, and the transition will take some time.

“The Biden administration has this under control,” Pelosi said Friday during her weekly news conference at the Capitol. “It is change and it will take some time, but it is values-based, humanitarian … [and] pragmatic with a plan to get things done.”

Perhaps those of you that don’t live in a border state have trouble understanding the magnitude of this surge of migrants. Let me sum it up for you. We’ve got to hell in a handbasket. And I’m not exaggerating. We’re on track to receive more migrants than we’ve seen in 20 years. Because they can smell Biden’s weakness from hundreds of miles away.


Ironically, Pelosi also took a shot at Republicans when she spoke about the border crisis.

[Pelosi] said the Biden team is addressing the immediate concerns at the border, developing “more humane” ways to care for the migrant children and tackling the source of the problem in the migrants’ Central American home countries.

Biden has a plan and “not just a diversionary tactic on the part of the Republicans because they are bankrupt of ideas,” Pelosi said.

And guess what Democrats decided to do? Throw money at foreign countries. Because in the new America, we can just spend, spend, spend. There are no consequences for dolling out the cash irresponsibly.

[Pelosi] said Congress is prepared to invest in the Northern Triangle countries —  El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras — to improve the lives of the people who are seeking to flee to the United States.

“Yes, it will take some resources — a small price to pay for people to stay home,” Pelosi added.

Speaking of keeping people home, apparently Biden’s Administration isn’t worried about the pandemic anymore.

Breaking the Rules

The Biden Administration disregards Trump’s health order, designed to help keep active cases of coronavirus out of the country.

In February, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) allowed the majority of the migrant families it encountered on the U.S. southwestern border to stay in the country pending a decision on whether they will be allowed to stay permanently.

The latest numbers mark an increase in the percentage of migrant family units who were allowed to stay in the United States over January, as a health order from the Trump administration meant to prevent the spread of coronavirus prohibits entry to aliens who may be considered a health risk.

In February, there were 19,246 total encounters with migrant families on the southern border. Of those encounters, only 7,915 were expelled from the country under the Trump-era health order, called Title 42.

Whatever happened to that whole quarantine business? I guess Biden knew it was a hoax all along?

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., on Thursday criticized President Biden for considering removing Title 42.

“He removes remaining in Mexico policy. He removes the PACR policy. And he stops the building of the wall. He questions whether to keep Title 42,” McCarthy said. “That’s why you put your whole family together to make this trek. Because you just listened to what President Biden said. No law has changed by moving of Congress. This entire crisis is created simply by Joe Biden’s actions and words.”

Remember that. The so-called “upgrade” President has yet to put America first. Thus, it is the death of making America great again. At least for the next four years. And Pelosi can deny it all she wants, but the truth is the truth.





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