Reparations This Black Conservative CAN Support

Much discussion occurs these days around reparations. Even Joey Demento is flirting with the idea of giving Black people reparations for slavery.

This form of reparations is stupid and held as a carrot for “silly Negroes”, aka Black Democrats almost every election cycle. Biden knows he can’t grant Blacks money with an Executive Order. Only Congress can appropriate funds.

And if Biden wants a race war, just give out free money to Blacks who want something for nothing. If you think Black on Black crime is bad today, just wait. The prospect of reparations was ridiculed by Chris Rock, where he joked every Black would get a record deal and drive an Escalade. Oh, and most would be broke in short order.

But I have discovered reparations that I can stand behind.

And it involves even more wrongs done to Blacks at the hands of Democrats. But you don’t need to go back 150+ years to find plaintiffs. It wasn’t Africans selling conquered tribes to the New World.

No, these wrongs were done to Blacks by scurrilous Leftist Democrats, who knowingly took advantage of Blacks. These wrongs were done after Blacks were emancipated and began building wealth.

For example, look at this story that showcases exactly how Democrats operated.

Los Angeles County officials may return a beachfront property that was seized from a Black family nearly a century ago.

Manhattan Beach used eminent domain in 1924 to force Willa and Charles Bruce, the city’s first Black landowners, off the land where they lived, KABC-TV reported Friday. They also ran a resort for Black families during a time when beaches in the strand were segregated.

Eminent domain has been a convenient way for elitists to strip people with little power from their property. All for the greater good.

Willa and Charles Bruce, LA’s first Black landowners lost their land to a park. As if LA doesn’t have enough parks? They took this land because they knew it would be worth millions.

The article continues,

Part of the land was developed into a city park. It is now owned by Los Angeles County and houses the county’s lifeguard headquarters and training center.

County Supervisor Janice Hahn said she’s exploring options to restore justice for the family, including giving the land back, paying for what they lost, or leasing the property from them so the lifeguard building can remain at the location.

“I wanted the county of Los Angeles to be a part of righting this terrible wrong.,” Hahn told the station.

Meanwhile, a Manhattan Beach city task force is recommending that the City Council considers issuing an apology and creating a commemorative plaque to acknowledge the Bruce family.

Anthony Bruce, one of the family’s last living direct descendants now living in Florida, says the seizure robbed him of his family’s legacy.

“It was a wrong against the Bruce family,” says Anthony Bruce. “I think we would be wealthy Americans still living there in California… Manhattan Beach probably.”

And this isn’t an isolated case of an illegal land grab. I’m certain there are many others.

According to the Fifth Amendment, seizures through eminent domain are required to be for “public use.”  But this requirement can be easily circumvented by any claim that the public will benefit.

Essentially, this allows the government to take from the poor and middle class and give it to the wealthy, who then become more wealthy.  The poor and middle class get less wealthy when their sole source of prosperity is in their land and homeownership, as was the case with Willa and Charles Bruce.

Interestingly, this type of wrongful treatment of Blacks didn’t just involve land.

Many insurance companies need to pay Black families for not paying out on life insurance and property and casualty insurance policies.

The idea of reparations is tricky and probably won’t solve anything. Except they will tie Blacks to the Democrat Party once again.  As they continue to drum up ways to use and abuse them, and keep them beholden to the party.

Larry Elder, who appeared and testified in front of the House Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties regarding H.R. 40 had this to say:

“Reparations is the extraction of money from people who were never slave owners to be given to people who were never slaves.”

The idea that reparations are due is based on the false belief that America became successful on the backs of slaves.  Not true.  Historically, most of the first states that actually freed their slaves became the most prosperous.

Many Blacks believe reparations can end up being very divisive for their communities, and isolating.  Elder’s comments illustrate how quickly resentments can fester when one group is held responsible for something they had nothing to do with. Especially when money payouts are given to another group that was never impacted by it.

Fueling the Fire

Monetary reparations will only fuel racial tensions that are not there and don’t need to be fueled. Reparations are the brainchild of the Democrats and stoked by Barack and Michelle Obama.

Let’s strongly consider following the lead of County Supervisor, Janice Hahn. These are the types of restitution I have no problem getting behind.


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