Texas Governor Abbott to Biden: Do your job!

Joey Demento proves his ineptness daily, particularly when it comes to border issues.

As most Americans know, Democrats want open borders and unchallenged voting to allow illegals to negate the votes of taxpaying American citizens.

While seeking this nefarious goal, Democrats pretend to want to “help” the interlopers. Interestingly, now Biden’s team pretends to want to help Texas.

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott “declined” an offer of federal funds to pay for CCP virus testing for illegal immigrants, adding that the administration hopes “he’ll reconsider.”

“The governor has complained about testing at the border,” Psaki said in an interview on MSNBC on Sunday. “FEMA, DHS has worked with local authorities, has worked with local NGOs [nongovernmental organizations] to come up with a plan that would cover 100 percent of testing costs for migrants who cross the border.”

“He has declined that funding,” she said. “That is something that doesn’t help the people of Texas, and we’re certainly hopeful that he’ll reconsider.”

So we are clear on how things work, let me explain for the Leftists.

Texans pay their FEDERAL taxes to cover “communal” activities of the federal government. These are things like roads, bridges, military, and BORDER PROTECTION. Now the Fed wants Texas to assist with the border security issue, according to comments made by Governor Abbott on Thursday. Abbott rightfully declined. He declared that testing and quarantining migrants is the federal government’s job.

“Border security is strictly a federal responsibility. The federal government alone has the responsibility to test, screen, and quarantine illegal immigrants crossing our border who may have COVID,” Abbott said in a statement. “Instead of doing their job, the Biden administration suggested it did not have the sufficient resources and, remarkably, asked Texas to assist them in aiding their illegal immigration program. Texas refused.”

After the Fed siphons off its cut of the money from Texas taxpayers, it wants to send part of it back. Further, it wants Texans to solve their own problems.

Sounds to me like Texas needs to cut out the middle-man. Why water down taxes from Texas by sending them to DC to be pilfered, with only a pittance returned? Notwithstanding, Texas would then have to do the full job.

When it comes to illegal immigration, Leftist administrations have certainly taken this approach with border states. The problem then continues, as illegals spread across the nation wreaking havoc on other economies.

Worse, across America’s southern border, illegals stream sex and drug traffickers, and many others who thwart America’s legal immigration system. And the new administration provides cover for these criminals. Look at the $1.9 trillion Wuflu relief package that actually provides funding for illegals. Leftist organizations even provide legal representation for their illegal activities. How many guesses do you need to figure out who pays for this?

How is this nonsense even possible?

Thankfully, Governor Abbott of Texas appears to see through this ruse. At least one republic still stands in America’s Democratic Republic. Biden should tread carefully. Interestingly enough, Texas is the only state that retained the right to secede from the union at any time.

That would be bad news for the United States. “The economy of the State of Texas is the second largest by GDP in the United States after that of California. It has a gross state product of $1.887 trillion as of 2019.” Texas is home to 57 companies on the Fortune 500 list including Dell, Pizza Hut, AT&T, and American Airlines. And that number may not include the recent relocation of Tesla. Elon Musk abandoned the ridiculous policies of the Golden State. Now, Tesla and SpaceX will further pad the Texas economy, which could push Texas above California in GDP. In other words, the president would be a damn fool to be at odds with the Lone Star State.

Joe Biden, do your damn job and protect American citizens. Texans are waiting…

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