Trump Loyalists Bail Out Company with 8000% Surge

Cancel culture strikes again. This time, they targeted Covfefe, the coffee brand created by Trump loyalists.

From their own website, Covfefe is a coffee created for Deplorables, by Deplorables, with a mission to make coffee great again.

And you can bet that mission statement painted a target on Covfefe’s back. Thus, in 2019, Amazon pulled Covfefe from their site. Later, it was revealed that one bad review of the coffee’s flavor was enough to prove the merchandise was subpar. So they pulled it. Yet, Amazon continues to sell cheap Chinese trinkets that hardly arrive in one piece. But hey, Covfefe made liberals cry again. So, it must go! At least from mainstream sellers.

But Amazon isn’t the only place to buy coffee. And when the brand continued to do well, the leftist establishment needed another way to destroy Covfefe.

Enter Chase Bank

Chase Bank offers an app, WePay, that even non-Chase users can download for online commerce, much like PayPal or Venmo. However, Chase just decided to venture into politics. And now, they get to learn first hand what happens when a brand sides with the anti-Trumpers.

Suddenly, Chase Bank banned Covfefe from using WePay. More over, Chase won’t allow the company to withdraw funds from previous sales. All because Covfefe Coffee specifically tells where the profits will go. But guess who gets the last laugh?

Now, Covfefe is enjoying an 8000% surge in sales! My thoughts? Let’s “Goya” the hell out of Covfefe, My Pillow, and Dr. Seuss, while we cancel cancel culture.

Stop the Bullies

Bleeding heart liberals pretend to be the lovers of diversity, in culture and in thought (not). But honestly, these looney leftists are ideologically challenged, hypocritical miscreants.

What we have seen over the last several years is a collective resistance- bullying by individuals, groups, and corporations to shut down, mute, and render impotent any business that doesn’t speak their language.

Let’s break that down. Speak their language: This means that anyone that doesn’t “say” what the Left wants to hear, or be who they want you to be, is rendered useless and proves to have no value in and to society. But I’d like to see their criteria, because it’s clearly oozing over with leftist hypocrisies.

How many times has the public been schooled by a Starbucks barista?

Remember all the times any conservative or police officer that walked into a Starbucks would get “schooled” by the snotty nosed, basement dwelling barista on the “righteous” way to live and think in society. Chances are, these entitled millennials never gave back anything to society, and probably never volunteered their time. But they are the product of parents that pushed to have every child get a trophy so it wouldn’t make their little squirt feel bad.

Wake up – life is tough. Deal with it.

So, we have Covfefe Coffee, a “Make Coffee Great Again” business that wants to give conservatives an alternative to the horrid Starbucks experience. What a concept! Brilliant in fact, and thank you very much – we’ve been waiting for you.

As Covfefe explains:

Do you know what your consumer habits fund? Do you know how many coffee companies donate to Planned Parenthood? Does it make sense to get your coffee from large corporations who lobby against your values? Of course not, because you’re a VERY STABLE GENIUS that knows you need a MAGA coffee that doesn’t take a knee on taste or values…

We understand that it is revolutionary to support (Trump), and in some cases dangerous to show support publicly. We want to end that. Not only do we provide world-class coffee backed by world-class values, but we are building a community of patriots who want to take our country back by winning the cultural war.’

I love this. Spot on, mate.

Chase Bank becomes the culture Gestapo.

How many conservative businesses

So, with the likes of Chase Bank becoming the police to any conservative business, I must ask them: How stupid are you? There are eighty million Americans who vote conservatively and do you really think we are going to forget your bias?

I won’t. Ever. And I will never use Chase Bank for a mortgage, car loan or anything ever again. Two can play this game, as well as 80 million Americans. How’s that for cancel culture? Are you still liking it?

In an article yesterday, Not the Bee updated Covfefe’s statement:

“It’s not easy doing this kind of business after we’ve been canceled by one of the biggest banks in America. We thank everyone for their patience, their flexibility, and their support, and we’re going to fight these growing pains and keep growing with your support and scale until we’re bigger than Starbucks. Please forgive us for not having the manpower of Jeff Bezos and Amazon, but know that we’re a small team of patriotic Trump supporters doing our best to compete with corporations who hate all conservatives.”

Think about that for a moment: Corporations who hate all conservatives. Do you really want to do any kind of business with these clowns? You have options. You don’t have to.

Mike Lindell has taken a hit over cancellation of his brand, My Pillow, where stores like Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Wayfair – actually 24 big box stores cancelled him for being a Trump supporter. This blackout of his products inspired red-blooded American patriots to order massive amounts of his pillows and products.

The heck with these stores. You don’t need them.

Which brings us back to the Goya phenomenon. How great is this story, eh? Goya’s CEO Bob Unanue responded to AOC’s push to boycott Goya Foods all because they supported Donald Trump. Their sales soared. Unanue’s response has been dubbed nothing short of “genius” for naming AOC “Employee of the Month.”

It’s hilarious!

Remember, Goya Foods provided 5000 needy families groceries for Thanksgiving in Texas. But by all means, let’s boycott them for being Trump supporters.

Evidence proves these MAGA supporting individuals and companies large and small, actually do great work. They give of themselves and to their communities in the spirit of good will, good faith, and good cheer.

But they love Donald Trump, and liberals won’t hear of it. Turns out, Trump is still brand magic. So it looks like cancel culture backfired. Now excuse me, I need to go read The Cat in the Hat to my grandbaby.

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