White House Refuses to Show Captain Demento

America finds herself in the untenable and embarrassing situation of having Mr. Magoo running the show.

It’s funny to watch Democrats cover for Captain Demento’s obvious dementia. And if they hadn’t cheated to get the man put into office, I might feel sorry for him. But, I don’t.

Watch in this video as Biden offers platitudes, then asks “Nance” what to do next.

One thing is certain in this video: the White House and “Nance” don’t want El Demento Capitan to take questions.

Shortly after Biden asks “Nance” what to do, the White House cut the feed. Whew. That was close.

But for the Democrats, their trials and tribulations with Biden are far from over. Captain DEMento put the DEM in Democrat. And soon the world will see that Democrats schemed to put a man in charge of the free world who doesn’t know when to change his own underwear.

Democrats will not be able to prevent people from confirming what we already know. Their leader is braindead. Put another way: this is far from over.

How long do leftists believe they can hide the president’s brain malady?

What’s actually funny is that anybody with a brain realizes that Biden is demented. So the idea that Democrats believe they are hiding his issues cracks me up.

Nearly a year ago, Rasmussen reported that 38 percent of Americans believed Biden’s brain is compromised:

Nearly four-out-of-10 voters believe Joe Biden has dementia. Most voters, including just over half of Democrats, feel it is important for the likely Democratic presidential nominee to publicly address the issue.

That included 20% of Democrats. Since then, Biden’s propelled gaff after gaff into pop-culture phenomenon. How can one man say so many stupid things? He’s like the real life version of Homer Simpson. DOH!

If we got a real poll on who’s running America, Biden would poll under 30 percent–the normal number of idiots who believe anything they are told. But, my bet is 70 percent of people around the world know that even the Democrats aren’t stupid enough to give Biden access to the REAL nuclear button.

Recently some Democrats argued that no one man should have the nuclear button. Democrats claimed that wasn’t directed at Biden, but we know differently. As I said on my radio show, I wouldn’t ask Biden to water my plants if I were on vacation. And don’t even think I would ask him to take care of my pet. Negro PLEASE!



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