Act NOW to Stop Democrat Controlled Bill H.R.1

The Bill is called H.R 1, also known as the “For the People Act”, and is aimed at making all the voting irregularities that happened during the 2020 election cycle permanent.

How does the bill do this you may ask? Well, here are the highlights of what this dangerous Bill contains. Among the 791-page bill’s provisions are the following:

  • Transfer of control over congressional elections from state governments to the federal government, even though the Constitution explicitly states that such authority belongs solely to states.
  • Mandatory early voting in all 50 states for at least 15 days prior to an actual election, as well as unlimited ballot harvesting.
  • Mandatory, nationwide mail-in voting, without any requirement that individuals provide a form of personal identification upon applying for their mail-in ballot.
  • Transfer of control over drawing congressional district maps from each individual state’s legislature to “independent” commissions – another power reserved, in the Constitution, for states specifically.

This legislation has already been passed by the House in a strict party line vote. And now makes its way to the Senate.

Democrat sponsors have tried to sell this Bill as a voting integrity issue when it clearly does the exact opposite.

Take for example what Michelle Obama had to say about the Bill:

Michelle Obama is applauding Democratic lawmakers’ push this week to enact an expansive voting-rights bill that just passed the House of Representatives and next moves to a more uncertain future in the Senate.

The former first lady and voting rights activist said Thursday, however, that the Senate should also pass the For the People Act “as soon as possible — because there is nothing more important to the health and future of our democracy than safeguarding the right to vote.”

We as Americans must not give in to seducing lies from the swamp in Washington D.C. It is time to act NOW, and let your Senator know you oppose this Bill.

Click here to contact your senator.

Next, please sign our petition letting Washington know Americans will not stand for this! Click the image below to sign the petition.

If H.R. 1 passes the Senate and goes to Joe Biden’s desk, the American people may never participate in a free, open, and fair election ever again.

Again, please take a moment to sign our petition today.


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