Black-Owned: Stores Posting Ethnic Signs of Products

Coming soon to stores near you are signs about the ethnic backgrounds of the owners of the products you buy.

A friend of mine sent this graphic that raised my eyebrows:

As you can see, he noted “Black-owned” and “Hispanic-owned”.

I presume that by default all other products will be deemed “white-owned”?

Now, if you are part of the “woke” generation, you likely consider this a good idea. Obviously, this is an easy way for you to show your support for the downtrodden Blacks and Hispanics in America. Why not identify products by their ethnic owners?

This will be a good way to find out who is culturally appropriating, too. For example, who really is Mrs. Dash? And is Uncle Ben really an Uncle Tom, pretending to be “Black-owned”, when he’s really just a “tool of the white (rice) man”?

Would seeing “Black-owned” make you more or less likely to buy the product, you racist?

Imagine checkout.

What if you didn’t load your grocery cart with enough “Black-owned” items? Will some sort of “woke” alarm go off, and the store employees all come out like they do in restaurants and hurl racist slurs at you?


I can hear the checkout person now say, “You’re only ONE ethnic item short of sounding the alarm”. And you can bet the virtue-signaling Leftists will go for it. Put another way, at stores with “ethnic” item designations, expect all the “impulse buys” they put at the front to be “Black” or “Hispanic,” just in case.

Watch as “woke” white urbanites buy that Ebony or Jet magazine. Or perhaps some Geri-curl spray? ANYTHING to keep from being outed as a racist shopper.

Federal mandate coming?

In the era of Biden, aka The Demented Era, we might expect an Executive Order on this issue. Consider that we now mandate all food products label calories, why not mandate ethnicity percentages?

I know. Sounds crazy, right? Until it happens.

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Understand that Biden needs race issues to fight. It keeps people’s mind off the border crisis, for example. Or perhaps the fact that the world laughs at Biden and other Leftists in America. Particularly when Biden can’t make it up a flight of stairs without looking like a feeble old man.

I suggest we beat them to the punch. DEMAND a federal mandate on ethnic content. You will be surprised to learn that the biggest offenders of the “buy ethnic” will be the Whole Foods shopping white Leftists.

Meanwhile, we mean-spirited supposedly racist conservatives will support Goya. A Mexican. Oh, and don’t forget to add Uncle Ben’s and Aunt Jemima to your shopping lists. Just for shiggles.


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