Chauvin Was Toast: Feds Planned to Arrest Him if Found NOT Guilty

The worst day of Derek Chauvin’s life was the day he got the call to arrest George Floyd. In what should have been routine, Chauvin was targeted for destruction by “woke” Leftists.

Chauvin responded to a call with his partner. Upon arrival, Chauvin and other police tried to get Floyd to give up. Floyd had been accused of passing a phony $20 to a store. Once confronted, Floyd resisted arrest, then ended up putting his life in danger.

It wasn’t Chauvin’s fault that Floyd was high on various cocktails of narcotics, including the highly deadly fentanyl.

In the real world, Floyd is the obvious criminal and Chauvin the hero. But that’s not the case in the “woke” world.

Chauvin’s viral picture with his knee on the neck of George Floyd sealed his fate. He went from mob justice to political haymaker. And the Left seized the moment. Chauvin would never receive a fair trial.

Evidence clearly proves the man didn’t commit murder. Seriously? With other cops around, onlookers, and knowing there are cameras around, Chauvin decided to kill Floyd?

Well, mob justice won. Now Chauvin sits in prison, wondering WTF!?

As it turns out, the Fed wasn’t going to let Chauvin go if he were found not guilty. According to Fox News,

The U.S. government is planning to bring federal civil rights charges against former Minneapolis police officers Derek Chauvin, J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao, according to a Minneapolis Star Tribune report.

A week after Chauvin was found guilty of the murder and manslaughter of George Floyd, the Star Tribune reported that the Justice Department had been gathering evidence for months and had developed a contingency plan to arrest Chauvin at the Hennepin County Courthouse in Minneapolis if there was a mistrial or if the jury failed to convict him on all three counts.

As we’ve learned from Democrats, they can spin anything. All they need to know is what the politics are.

With President Trump, they actually tried to impeach him on what Biden actually did. Moreover, they gave Hunter Biden a pass, on obvious guilt.

With Chauvin, the die was cast. He was going down either way. But as the article informs, Plan B didn’t happen.

But the backup plan was not needed, since Chauvin was handcuffed and walked out of the courtroom once Judge Peter Cahill read the guilty verdicts. Chauvin remains incarcerated at Minnesota’s level five maximum security prison at Oak Park Heights until his sentencing hearing scheduled in late June.

The plan involved having the Minnesota U.S. Attorney’s Office bringing federal charges against Chauvin via criminal complaint in order to have him arrested immediately – instead of moving through with a grand jury for an indictment, which would have been a slower process, the newspaper reported, citing unnamed sources who were not authorized to speak publicly.

Federal prosecutors are now planning to ask a grand jury to indict Chauvin and the other three former officers involved in Floyd’s fatal arrest on May 25, 2020, on charges of civil rights violations, according to the Star Tribune. The grand jury is made up of a group of 23 citizens who will meet in secret to hear evidence and will ultimately vote whether there is probable cause to bring charges against the former officers, which would land each of them back in federal court for a separate trial.

How sick is that? To know that the Feds didn’t care about guilt or innocence. They convicted Chauvin no matter what.

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