Cuomo Still in Hot Water as Democrats Continue Targeting Him

The Mafia governor now faces the music. After NY Governor Andrew Cuomo killed 15,000 senior citizens, he still avoided the spotlight.

Then, some Democrats smelled blood in the water. So next came allegations of sexual harassment. OK, more than allegations. After all, Cuomo has fessed up to maybe doing things that made women uncomfortable.

Remember, as Cuomo set records and became America’s most prolific serial killer, he was given an Emmy. To call the man “the belle of the ball” would be an understatement. The man could do no wrong.

The killing of 15,000 people was swept under the rug, and no women accused the man of sexual misconduct. But then the bow broke.

Along with the two aforementioned major scandals, the New York Attorney General’s office is investigating Gov. Andrew Cuomo about his book detailing the handling of the Wuflu scamdemic.

With all that was going on, how did Cuomo find the time to write a book?

According to the New York Times, Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli asked Attorney General Letitia James in a letter dated April 13, to look into “the use of property, services or resources of the state for personal purposes, private business purposes or other compensated non-governmental purposes by the Executive Chamber.” Further, the investigation “includes, but is not limited to, the drafting, editing, sale, and promotion of the Governor’s book and any related financial or business transactions.”

The letter was first reported by The New York Times. In the article last month, the Times reported that the governor’s office used junior staff members and senior aides to work on “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic”, Cuomo’s retelling of the battle against the Wuflu.

“We can confirm that we have received this referral, but we won’t comment further on an ongoing investigation at this time,” James’ office said in an emailed statement. In most cases, a referral triggers an investigation.

Most people pay ghost-writers and don’t get their publicly-funded staffers to write for them.

Cuomo has insisted that the staffers “volunteered” for the project. Probably how the 8 women and counting “volunteered” to be sexually harassed?! I can hear Cuomo saying now, “They were asking for it!”.

Cuomo’s senior adviser Richard Azzopardi told the Times earlier this month that the staffers “volunteered on this project”, using their free time. I can only imagine how these staffers were “asked” to volunteer. What’s that line from The Godfather:

“I’m gonna make ‘im an offer he can’t refuse.”

I still keep wondering who decided that Cuomo was persona non grata. I knew a woman was involved.

When Democrats attack each other.

New York State Attorney General Letitia James, opened the latest investigation of Cuomo, after receiving a referral letter from State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli. So DiNapoli started things, and James took the baton.

Cuomo accused James and DiNapoli, both Democrats, of trying to sabotage him in order to boost their own political futures. His spokesperson pretends that the allegations are absurd:

“We have officially jumped the shark — the idea there was criminality involved here is patently absurd on its face and is just the furthering of a political pile-on,” Azzopardi told the Times.

“This is Albany politics at its worst,” Azzopardi continued. “Both the comptroller and the Attorney General have spoken to people about running for governor, and it is unethical to wield criminal referral authority to further political self-interest‎.”

DiNapoli’s office released the letter, dated April 13, on Monday. It authorizes the attorney general to investigate whether the process of writing and promoting the book violated state laws.

Cuomo had managed to keep a tent over the other two much more egregious scandals. But his book deal might be his undoing. Let’s hope!

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