Gaetz EXPOSES CNN for Fake News Story

All the stories regarding Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz got me thinking about what happens when the Left targets you.

Take President Trump for instance. He was targeted. And they eventually got him. A billionaire-turned-President is not too big for the establishment to bring you down, even if in the case of Trump, it’s only temporary.

Still, one can see why Leftists don’t leave the proverbial plantation. The Democrats put a hold on you that makes leaving Islam look like changing hairdressers.

It takes balls the size of Alaska to fight Leftists, once they have targeted you. They want to ruin you; to make an example of you for the next person who might leave.

Leftists blatantly lie about their targets, as they did with Trump. And now they are doing the same with Gaetz.

In this latest lie, Leftists set the narrative that even President Trump wants no part of Gaetz. After all, even Trump knows better than to tie himself to a man going through a bogus sex scandal. Such is the story reported by CNN, who reported that Rep. Gaetz has requested and was subsequently denied a meeting with former president Trump.

Gaetz says he was never denied the meeting because he never requested one in the first place.

Fox News reports:

“This is a total lie. I am on a pre-planned vacation with my fiancée. I was welcomed at Trump Doral days ago. No such meeting was denied nor sought,” he tweeted. He called out the article’s “unnamed sources” and asked the network when he could expect a retraction.

The CNN report cited “two people familiar with the matter” who said aides of the former president denied a request from Gaetz and urged Trump to avoid getting involved in the scandal. The report included a statement from a Gaetz spokesman denying the congressman requested a meeting this past week.

Jason Miller, a close aide to Trump, called the CNN report “complete fake news.”

“No such scheduling or meeting request was ever made, and therefore, it could never have been declined. Take note that this story has zero on-the-record sources. It’s literally made-up,” he added.

“Unnamed sources”.

One would think that Facebook, Twitter, and Google would know enough by now to call “unnamed sources” fake news. However, since the social media giants are in cahoots with Democrats, they simply allow these nonsense stories to stand. No “fact-checking” or further scrutiny.

Russian collusion stories filled the media cycle for months. And when they were proven false, not a word from the media or social media bitches.

When proof existed of Biden’s extortion of Ukraine, media and social media “fact-checked” this story into oblivion, saying, “It ain’t so!” There’s a video of Biden laughing about his extortion, for God’s sake. The same is true of Hunter Biden’s stories, where media and social media took the further step of banning any talk of the crackhead and his ties to Russia and Ukraine.

How’s that for irony and hypocrisy!

Remember when Nick Sandman sued CNN for a cool $275 million for telling blatant lies?  The dishonest network had to pay out for their grossly obscene reporting about a 16-year old kid at a Pro-Life rally.  As well, the colossal failure known as The Washington Post, saw the same fate as their illegitimate ilk.  And yet, they go after it again – spewing lies about Matt Gaetz.

The only way to effect change is to bankrupt CNN for every fallacious lie they tell.

Lin Wood should represent him, just like he did Sandman, and sue CNN with a vengeance. One that would make their last lawsuit seem like chump change. They should be made to pay AGAIN for their unprofessional malfeasance.  Scumbag news outlets with nothing to be proud of. Both outlets have sunk to nothing better than The National Enquirer status, completely devoid of any journalistic ethics.

My money’s on Gaetz.

And nobody needs a lesson in journalistic malpractice when it comes to The Big Cheat in the 2020 Presidential Election. Yet to this day, social media giants warn anybody who dares to mention the obvious.


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