MEDIA BLACKOUT: Seen Biden’s New Poll Numbers?

Joe Biden remains as popular as ever. Which means he’s not very popular.

The man who supposedly got 82 million votes, over 13 million (give or take) more than Barack “Baby Black Jesus” Obama at his prime isn’t polling well. And this when you consider that polls are favored toward Democrats.

A new Quinnipiac poll revealed that only 29 percent of Americans approve of how Biden is handling the “situation at the Mexican border.” Worse, 55 percent of Americans disapprove of his handling.

So how does this jibe with the polling that shows Biden has a 48 percent overall approval rating? Seriously?!

On what polic(ies) is Biden getting 48 percent approval? His handling of Russia? Where he got publicly sodomized by Putin recently. Or was it the sodomy by the Chinese, where they came to American soil to embarrass the hapless clown.

On what could Americans possibly be happy with Biden? The price of gasoline? The economic meltdown? Lockdowns? Name something; anything!

The only thing Americans believe about Biden overwhelmingly is (1) he didn’t win the election, and (2) he’s a feeble old fool.

Biden has done nothing positive for America since The Big Cheat. Most people see Biden for the puppet he is. Thus, they know he has no power.

As for the border issue, the U.S.-Mexico border is experiencing the highest migration surge since 2001. Based on CBP enforcement statistics Biden will increase the border burden 4-fold.

As of March 2021, CBP agents interacted with 551,614 migrants. Biden is on track to bringing over 2.2 million illegals into America, based on these numbers. In the entire fiscal year of 2020, just over 400,000 illegals crossed the border into the U.S.

The scamdemic compounds Biden’s problems. How can you invite 2 million illegals into a country when millions of Americans are out of work?

In answering this question, like he did with Afghanistan Biden again took the Trump approach. Much to the chagrin of Leftists, Biden now backtracks on Trump’s wall. He decided to fill the gaps in the wall and continue construction. Ouch. That’s got to hurt. And do you really need a bunch of Central Americans, when you have Dominion Voting Systems?

Biden proved in the last election that he doesn’t even need his silly Negro voters. Blacks voted over 20 percent for Trump, a number almost all experts believed is double what is needed for a Republican to never lose an election, and yet miraculously Biden won without getting 90 percent of the black vote.

Black Leftists may believe they’ve gained ground with critical race theory and other racist nonsense proposed by Biden. But these are temporary wins at best. Black Leftists will soon discover that racism won’t win in America. No matter who is doling it out.

As for Biden and polling, don’t expect true polls ever. That ship has sailed. Still, even the fake polls won’t bode well for Biden or the Democrats.



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