World Stage: Putin Makes Biden His Punk

It should scare the hell out of Americans that Joey Demento goes mano a mano with world leaders like China’s Xi or Russia’s Putin.

Seriously. We send a demented clown to negotiate on behalf of the United States?

China made it clear early on that Biden is their bitch. They met in Alaska, and essentially called out Biden and his team, daring them to respond. Team Demented’s response: crickets.

Next, Putin took his shot at the Big Guy. Putin said he would debate Biden anytime anywhere, and Biden declined.

Neither of these two things would have happened to President Trump. Because China and Russia would have gotten their asses kicked by Trump with one wave of his golden hairdo. Not the case with Biden. In fact, Russia now tests the moronic puppet in a huge development.

Tensions now soar with Russia over the Ukraine crisis and the SolarWinds hack. So now Biden proposes to meet with Putin. And according to a White House Press statement, Biden wants to meet with Putin in a bilateral summit–the first such since the Big Cheat. The event would occur “in a third country in the coming months”. Additionally, the meeting would cover “the full range of issues facing the United States and Russia.”

I wouldn’t wait too long, as Captain Demento might accidentally fall down the Air Force One stairs the next time he boards.

I imagine Putin got really scared in getting put on notice for a meeting with the Big Guy?! Don’t be surprised if Biden sends Putin a plane full of money that arrives in the dead of night. A payoff for Putin to not kick his geriatric ass upon arrival.

Still, the White House tries to portray Biden as stern. Their statement indicated that Biden “made clear that the United States will act firmly in defense of its national interests in response to Russia’s actions, such as cyber intrusions and election interference,” for which a US intelligence review last week blamed the Kremlin.

All of this drama is starting to be a reminiscent. Is anyone else thinking Cold War?

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