Are the Obamas REALLY that Popular?

If The Big Cheat taught us anything, it’s that polls lie. Democrats manipulate polls, and they had their hands full for 8 years during the Era of Obama.

Not that covering for Biden has been a cakewalk. Though I may be shadow-banned forever, I contend there is no way in hell that Biden got 82 million votes, moreover 13 million votes more than Obama. I just like writing that as a warning to Leftists that this black man wasn’t fooled.

Back to the Obamas. Remember how popular they were…wait…ARE?

Barack Obama had amazingly high polling after he left office. And though he couldn’t get Hillary Clinton elected, they claim he was their weapon.

During Biden’s run-from-the-basement campaign, Obama emerged in Philadelphia to campaign for him. About 20 people showed up.

I guess in today’s Bizarro World NOT drawing crowds proves how popular you are. And of course, Trump’s crowds meant nothing.

Clearly, the Obamas remain America’s black royal couple.

I know they are making the rounds, spending that money they looted from the treasury. And let’s not forget their gargantuan book deals. With their popularity, they must be on the cover of everything.

Imagine my surprise to learn that a Waukegan, Illinois, middle school will not be renamed “Barack and Michelle Obama Middle School.” How is this possible? As it turns out, the Obamas may not be as well-liked as touted by Leftists.

Pro-(illegal)immigration activists complained that Obama had a dismal record on deportations. So, Thomas Jefferson Middle School will be renamed after the late Georgia Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights legend who died last summer.

I’m actually surprised they didn’t name the schools after Michael Brown Jr and George Floyd. Talk about a missed opportunity.

A while back, the Waukegan Board of Education “decided several weeks ago to rename two ‘controversially’ named schools, namely Thomas Jefferson Middle School and Daniel Webster Middle School. New “woke” culture now examines all white men from the past, and both Jefferson and Webster condoned slavery. So students and some community members cried foul and the schools are getting new names.

“Renaming committees were formed for each school and included people in the community, students, and staff,” according to Chicago’s ABC affiliate. After deliberation, the committees settled on a small number of final possibilities, including Barack and Michelle Obama Middle School.

LatinX members objected. So clearly the Latino community no longer supports Obama. I wonder what they will think of Biden, post-border crisis?

Forget Biden. He’s not popular and never has been.

As for the Obamas, they are clearly overrated. And they are a cautionary tale for Democrats. If, no, when Leftists lose the Conservatives to an alternative media, they are sunk.



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