Biden Greeted by NOBODY While Visiting Louisiana

When Biden ventures out, it’s like his campaign all over again. Nobody shows. Things were so bad for Biden during the presidential campaign of 2020, that they finally took him off the road.

Now he’s back. Team Demented touts their Get America Back on Track tour. Despite the train reference, Biden appeared in Louisiana to tout his $2T infrastructure boondogggle.

The event had all the hoopla of watching Biden pick lint out of his belly-button. See for yourself:

One would think throngs of single mothers would have supported Biden, given that child care is infrastructure according to Biden’s budget. Still, not a single car from “baby mamas” lined the streets.

This reminds me of when Biden visited Arizona during his campaign. One car greeting him and Sista Girl. The event embarrassed me for Biden.

And it never got better, as crowds avoided Biden as if dementia were communicable.

Mr. Popularity?

82 million people supposedly voted for this clown, yet he still can’t get a crowd of more than 10 people to show up for anything. And the WuFlu provides a convenient excuse for the no-shows.

Here is another video of Biden’s arrival at the Calcasieu River Bridge in Lake Charles.

Contrast this with ANY Trump event.

Biden is supposed to be the leader of the free world, and the most popular president ever. If the media can reconcile the lack of interesting in Bozo Biden and his vote count, I’m all ears.

Apparently I’m not the only person who KNOWS that Democrats stole the election.

I would love to have been a fly in the motorcade as Biden passed under that bridge.

What an auspicious beginning for the Getting America Back on Track tour. The country knows what’s up. As this person opined:


Frankly, I can’t wait for Trump to begin his rallies again. I sincerely want Trump to show up wherever Biden is and mock him. Trump needs to show Democrats what REAL votes look like. Moreover, he needs to show the world who’s really running this country.


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