Joey Demento’s Job Numbers Mimic his REAL Vote Count

Looks like Captain Demento can’t fudge these numbers like Democrats fudged Biden’s vote count. But is anybody really shocked at his economic numbers?

We learn today that Biden’s job numbers are as low as his brain cell count.

Economists forecasted that Biden’s economy would gain one million jobs in April. However, Biden didn’t quite make it. Here are the numbers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Biden gained only 266,000 jobs in April. But that wasn’t the only bad news. The BLS revised March numbers down by -146,000.

Let’s do the math, shall we? They expected one MILLION jobs. However, they got only 266,000. That’s 734,000 jobs short of expectation. Add the revised March numbers to this and you get…SCIENCE!

The science is in. Biden is a f*cking job-killing schmuck. Well, not exactly.

Biden is more of an incentive-to-get-a-job killing schmuck. With almost 7.4 million jobs available nobody appears to want to work. Ahh, The Great Reset.

I can hear Trump now: “Do you miss me yet?!”

When Bush asked this question, the answer was: “Remind me. Who the hell are you?!”. But I speak for 80 million, no wait…150 million people; no wait…330 million AMERICANS miss him!

Remember the good ol’ days before The Big Cheat? Week after week, month after month, for almost 4 years when Trump created massive employment. Good paying jobs for blacks, women, Latinos, and all the other groups Leftists call “special interest”.

Certainly, Biden and team took interest. And now America has decided that unemployment is the best job.

What else does Joey Demento have up Soros’ sleeve? We know it’s not a Trump card.

Back to Trump

Remember how Trump built a rock-star economy, as Democrats tried to torpedo him. Note, that wasn’t a question.

Democrats did everything they could to kill the American economy. At the end, they worked with the Chinese to unleash a mostly non-lethal virus, all to get Trump. How demonic is that?

And at every turn, Trump kicked their sorry asses. Too bad he didn’t anticipate the level to which they would stoop to root him out of the White House. Or was that the plot?

Let Joe Biden run the ship for a while, so Leftists could live their lunacy. We now know what it looks like when the inmates run the asylum.


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