Biden’s Golf Game: A Metaphor for his ‘Presidency’

Joey Demento’s “presidency” is a joke on so many levels, I can hardly wait to see how Leftists spin it.

From the dishonest way he became president to the coverup of his maladies, brain and otherwise. So when I saw this short video of Biden golfing, I immediately saw it for what it represented: a metaphor for his presidency.

I can honestly say, I’ve never seen a worse golf shot than the one Biden hit. See for yourself.

That’s right boys and girls, Joey Demento figured out a way to hit a golf ball BACKWARDS!

I’ve never seen this shot. And it might be impressive, if you’re a pro, and you hit the shot because a tree obstructs your shot. But the green is right in front of Joey Buttafuchup, and he hits the ball the OTHER way.

I only wish I could have been with President Trump when somebody showed him this clip.

Trump would instantly react as I did, and say “Biden is going the wrong way!” And we would LAUGH!

Joey Demento’s golf game reminds me of…his political career.

Media spin? I predict these headlines:

WaPo: Watch as golf great Joe Biden hit a trick shot to wow the crowd

NY Times: Biden showcases golf prowess to massive crowd

HuffPo: President Biden upstages Trump with extraordinary golf shot

As R&B crooner Montel Jordan would say, “This is how you do it!”


Why did the media even have Biden golfing?

Because golfing is presidential. Well, except when Trump did it. Even Baby Black Jesus played “the white man’s game” (poorly). Because golf is class; something both Obama and Biden needed.

In the video above, we see the result. Possibly the worst golf shot in history. All because Biden didn’t do what he did almost the entire election cycle: keep your head down.

I suggest to you that Biden quit after this shot. He just brought in a pro, perhaps from Dominion to finish his round.

And don’t think that Dominion followed the rules and played the ball “where it lies”. I bet they used a “foot wedge” and Joey Demento scored an eagle. Because Leftists follow the “rules”.

The videographer

The person videoing Biden is lucky. Because if this had been Hillary Clinton, the videographer would be DEAD!

All that will happen now is the social media Gestapo will attempt to scrub this video. And anybody bringing up Biden’s golf game will be BANNED for at least a month.

That’s my report from the wacky world of Joey Demento. Back to you, America!




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