Blasey-Ford Honored with Spot in The Courage Museum

Commit heinous crimes as a black person and get shot by a cop? There’s a massive amount of money for you, and you could end up in a museum in your honor.

But those honors are no longer just for black thugs. Today we learn that there will be a museum for sk*nks.

Are you aware of The Courage Museum? It’s been established by a group called “Futures Without Violence.” And your tax dollars will fund this nonsense as they requested a grant for $1 million.

Ironically, Pelosi obliged. From her website:

Futures Without Violence, a health and social justice organization that develops, implements and advocates for groundbreaking programs and policies that strive to end violence against women and children, is requesting federal funding to establish the educational curriculum for the Courage Museum. This bold new national platform for public education and action engages individuals in challenging the inevitability of violence as part of the human experience. The first West Coast installation by nationally renowned designer Jake Barton, whose work includes the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum and Legacy Museum, it is located on the Main Post of the Presidio, underscoring our nation’s priority to ending violence – particularly gender-based violence, an issue that impacts 1 in 3 U.S. women.

Actually, the real irony is that we are still discussing women versus men in this time of androgyny. Interestingly, Leftists conveniently use gender to their favor, switching back and forth like political-transgenders. But I digress.

As for Blasey-Ford, recall that she got paid off, then quietly disappeared.

If we lived in a sane world, the media would have followed up on her past, and she would have been declared a pariah. However, we live in a time of fake news, so the ruse of Blasey-Ford’s “harrowing” experience with Brett Kavanaugh lives on.

According to a KQED report, Christine Blasey Ford, who accused U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her in high school, spoke at a fundraiser in February 2020 hosted by Futures Without Violence. At that event, Blasey-Ford received an award for “Courage.”

I guess, in a twisted sense of the word, one can call Blasey-Ford courageous. She did tell the lie of the century. Which is hard to do, in this political landscape. Still, her whopper did put her on the “most-hated” list kept by many conservatives.

As USA Today noted:

In the world of sexual assault claims, Ford’s is pretty flimsy. What day, month or even year did it happen? Where? How did she get there and back? She admittedly didn’t walk several miles home, so who was driving? Did she call her parents? Speaking of her parents, why are they notably absent from any involvement in this? Do they think she’s lying? Did they abuse her themselves? Why do the witnesses Ford named claim no memory of this gathering?

As for me, I called the woman a sk*nk on Twitter. As a result, Fox News canned me. They were too scared to stand up to the rest of the mainstream media. Later, my assessment turned out to be true when no one could back Blasey-Ford’s story. In fact, by the time she was done telling it, Ford’s story had more holes that a block of Swiss cheese. And yet, leftists still cling to the idea that Ford is a victim, and as such should be hailed for her ability to stand up and speak out.

In case you missed it, what Leftists call “courage” is what we call plain and simple lying.

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