Chicago Mayor Puts White People Out to Pasture

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is under criticism for only talking to the colored folks. That’s right, the mayor declined any interviews with white journalists just because of the color of their skin!

Wait, I thought racism is what happens when your thoughts or actions are based on prejudice? Am I wrong?

Because according to Lightfoot, it’s ok to be a racist as long as racists came before you. And in that case, couldn’t we all just go back to being racists? What’s the point of growth or change if liberals just continue to justify their own bad behavior?

Don’t bother to answer any of those questions, because we all know the answer. Leftists need racism. It’s the thread they hang their poorly stitched agenda on.

But for laughs, lets look at Lightfoot’s petty excuses for putting the white people out to pasture.

As Breitbart explains:

In a letter to news organizations, and in a series of tweets, Lightfoot claimed there was a racial “imbalance” in the news media, especially in the City Hall press corps, and that she wanted to use her position to force journalism to become more diverse.

I’m no racism expert, but I’m with Johnny Welfare on this one.

Notice, Lightfoot makes no apologies for refusing to talk to white people. Show of hands, who finds that offensensive? I do! I’ve worked in and out of journalism for twenty years as just a plain old white girl. Once upon a time, the calling required individuals to be open-minded. To not take sides. To cover every angle. And to let the people decide what was truth and what was fiction. Of course, that requirement died about twelve or so years ago.

Unfortunately, Lightfoot can’t see the forest for the trees. Instead, she just shouts about diversity.

Diversity, Right.

Obviously, “diversity” is up there on the leftist bandwagon right next to “systemic racism.” These are nothing more than pompous buzzwords leftists use to insinuate that they have some form of empathy in their narcissistic personalities. For 99.7% of them, it’s just a lie.

Especially when someone like Lightfoot is pretending that her motivations are purely for the betterment of society. Let’s get real. Lightfoot is simply a titty baby looking for revenge, like she’s some first generation freed slave.

As Breitbart points out:

In her letter, reported by CBS Chicago affiliate WTTW, Lightfoot cited the county’s “historic reckoning around systemic racism” and suggested that the media in Chicago suffered from “institutionalized racism.” She complained that as the city’s first black, female, and lesbian mayor, the journalists assigned to cover her were “practically all white,” adding: “I find this unacceptable.”

CBS Chicago asked: “In Chicago there is a crime crisis, an unemployment and now a worker crisis, among other issues. The three arguably most powerful politicians in Chicago — Lightfoot, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and State’s Attorney Kim Foxx — are all African American woman. One is openly gay. So is this the time for a diversity lecture?”

Of course not. Conservatives embraced diversity long ago. But the same liberals who practice racism want you to believe they’re fighting the good fight to rid the world of prejudice. Just one more lie from the left…


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