CNN FACT CHECKS Biden with Stunning Results

Now I realize why Democrats installed Joey Demento as “president”. Because his dementia offers a convenient excuse to dismiss the obvious lies of his administration.

I have spoken of Leftism losing tremendous ground, now that Baby Black Jesus no longer speaks on its behalf. Put another way, a 78-year-old brain dead moron can’t carry the load in persuading people on Leftism. So much so, that even CNN’s Daniel Dale was forced to expose Biden’s senility:

Dale tweeted:

Biden claimed the last 5 leaders of the Fed spoke out to say his jobs plan will grow the economy.

False. Only 3 past Fed chiefs are even alive. Biden was wrongly describing an op-ed from 5 former IRS chiefs, who praised his plan but didn’t discuss growth:

“And, by the way, you saw — you know, the — the last five leaders of the Fed coming out and saying — what’d they say? They said, ‘Biden’s plan is going to grow the economy,’” Biden said Wednesday.

Understand how easy it has become for Leftists to lie. Yet again, another easily disprovable claim by Bonehead Biden. Still, he says this with all the authority of those who claim he won the election fairly.

Dale continued,

“Biden’s claim is false. As a White House official acknowledged to CNN when we sought comment on Monday, Biden was inaccurately referring to an opinion article published in the Washington Post that day by five former leaders of the Internal Revenue Service, not five former leaders of the Federal Reserve,” wrote Dale.

Do we really need to list the overt lies of the Left?

Black Lives Matter, for example. Blacks kill more babies from abortion than any other ethnic group, and at 300%+ the national average. And what about that black-on-black crime nobody wants to discuss?

Then there is the lie at the border. After inviting in tens of thousands of illegals, Biden has a border mess. His press secretary refused to call it a crisis, until Biden himself was forced to admit it.

Next, how about that amazing economy? An economy that was expected to gain one million jobs, but fell 734,000 short. And let’s not forget the revised March numbers that subtracted another 146,000.

We are told that 7 million job openings exist. So the jobs are there, but people seem to be happy with unemployment. This is exactly what Leftists wanted: universal basic income. But you can’t have your cake and eat it too. So Biden had to answer the question, “If jobs are available, why aren’t people filling them?”

He struggled with that. Because the answer is that Leftists found the magic number to keep people from seeking gainful employment.

For the record, those two dead Fed chiefs who recommended Biden’s plan also likely voted for him.

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