Conservatives Losing to the Weakest Link

I miss Donald Trump as President. Because he ushered in winning to America and the world. But now, America (and the world) watches losers.

I said on my radio show that Leftists are the only animals (sorry animals) that allow their weakest to lead. So how are Conservatives losing?

First, most Conservatives don’t recognize the war. We are either too oblivious making a living or just don’t believe the Left can win. Ironic, given how long the Left have been winning.

The things we conservatives hold near and dear are all under attack and have been for decades. Even capitalism has succumbed to “woke” culture. And what is your response? Still drinking Coke? Still watching Netflix; shopping at Target?

I know, you buy Nike because it’s the only shoes your kid likes. 500 shoe manufacturers and Nike is the only shoe you can get? When I was growing up there were Converse and Keds. If you were rich, you got Converse. Poor kids got Keds (or the bargain store equivalent).

But it’s more than retail. Are you still using Facebook and Twitter? Many of us Conservatives are. We wait on others to stop, before we do it.

Recently, Hank Azaria apologized for his role playing the Indian guy, Apu, in a cartoon. But Azaria didn’t give back the money earned for playing the character or even adopt an orphanage in Bangalore. No, he just admitted his “wokeness” and hopes to get his trophy soon.

Never one to embrace political correctness or woke culture, “Monty Python” legend John Cleese chimed in on Azaria’s cultural mea culpa by mocking him.

In a tweet, Cleese said that he now apologizes for ever having mocked English-speaking people in his past sketches.

“Not wishing to be left behind by Hank Azaria, I would like to apologise on behalf on Monty Python for all the many sketches we did making fun of white English people[.] We’re sorry for any distress we may have caused,” he tweeted.

Where else have we lost, besides succumbing to “woke” culture? Many places.

Look at the stooge who Democrats cheated to get elected. Recall I began by saying Leftists are the only animals who allow their weakest to lead. And boy is Biden weak.

Undoubtedly for me, Biden and his family sold out. At the very least, they’ve sold out to the Chinese. But their larceny likely extends to Russia, Ukraine, and who knows where else.

Worse, Biden’s handlers are INTENTIONALLY trying to bankrupt the country. The question is why?

What could they possibly gain if the tax base drops? Maybe they don’t care if the tax base drops, because we will work for a pittance. As slaves. And don’t discount that you are a slave.

Do you say what you want? Or are you afraid of being outed? Doxxed?

Are you a Christ-follower? Because if you are, then you have been kicked in the naughty bits for years.

Forget the surge of illegals pouring into America, look at what Democrats have done to Judeo-Christian values…

As Zero Hedge reports,

Americans’ faith in organized religion continues to trend down at an accelerated pace. A new poll from Gallup shows for the first time since the public opinion polling company began asking questions in 1937, the number of Americans who view themselves as members of a church, synagogue, or mosque has plunged below 50%. Keep in mind, in 1937, when Gallup first asked the question, 73% went to church, synagogue, or mosque.

America is losing its religion, and this trend of a more secular state has been accelerating since the Dot Com Bust (the early 2000s). The poll found 47% of Americans said they were a part of a church, synagogue, or mosque, down from 50% in 2018 and 70% in 1999.

Are you ready to fight for your religion? For religious freedom? Because you may soon have to.




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