Meghan Markle has been in talks with Democrat operatives in her itch to run for president. Not of a calligraphy company. Of the United States of America. Awful. Just offal.

The chick is an opportunistic, ruthless, self-promoting publicity whore with the race card in her bag of tricks. No one possessing a respectable IQ is a fan.

Her supporters seem largely to be Americans and ones who base their support of Markle on their objections to the monarchy. Which is ludicrous in view of the near pathological obsession we Yanks have with royalty.

A case in point is the iconic television show, “Queen For A Day”.  Consider also the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of “queens” crowned annually in America: potato queens, rodeo queens, the Gilroy Garlic Festival Queen, Watermelon Queen, the Cherry Blossom Queen, Teen Queen of the Frog Festival in Louisiana. The list is endless.

And most of her fans also seem to slavishly adore Markle just because she’s part black: something just as idiotic and racist as not supporting someone solely because of black blood.

And fans pedestalize her gender. Why? Having a vagina per se is no qualification for public office. Case in point: Kamala Harris.

If you want to evaluate Me-Me-Me-Meghan as to whether she’s up to the job of running the country all you have to do is check out her infamous performance in the UK when she gained access to the Royal Family and global publicity by falling under Prince Harry. It’s a testament to her character and intelligence–rather the lack of. The broad is Wallis Simpson on steroids.


She and Harry complain that she is treated poorly by the Royal Family and the UK press because of racism. It’s a safe bet if Markle had been 100% white trash instead of bi-racial trash, the Queen would never have allowed her to get away with what she’s gotten away with. She was given concessions galore.

It is because she’s bi-racial that Markle got this lucky. The Royal Family were and are doing contortions to prevent anyone from falsely attributing their actions to racism. Had she been Caucasian, Harry might have been allowed a few mattress sessions, but never to trot her out in public.

She was allowed to be the first unmarried partner to join the Royal Family at the December 25th, 2017 Christmas Day church service.

Her pathological materialism, her addiction to conspicuous consumption, and her freeloading were indulged precisely because she’s part-black.

Markle refurbished Frogmore Cottage for 5.48 million £, the equivalent of 7,663,049.56 US dollars. Put that in the context of the year 2020 UK average annual salary of 38,600 £ ($53,976.89 USD) which a multi-person family uses to pay for everything. It would take the average family 152.2 years to achieve $7,663,049.56 in salary.

Her engagement gown cost over 65,000 £ (over $90,000 USD). Her wedding gown ripped off the Royal purse for 387,000 £ (over half a million dollars).  In the short period from her November 2017 engagement up to May 2018, wedding, her obscene extravagance cost the Crown over one million dollars (over 718,000 £).

Yet Markle and her prized trophy boy sing the duet of perpetual victimhood, throwing pity parties in the press: the press whom they profess to loathe, whom they sue, but whom they are megalomaniacally addicted to.

As an actress Markle should take tabloid intrusions on privacy in stride.

Actors revel in and need the press. Her self-conscious press-courting is also evident in her body language. During her pregnancy she engaged in affectatious, near perpetual belly-clutching. The belly clutching made an encore with the second pregnancy, as evidenced in the recent photograph of her and Barefoot Boy lying in the grass at their Montecito estate.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kevin Jackson
Image courtesy ABC News

She chose to be in–and is addicted to–the public eye. Yet, Markle bellyaches in the Oprah interview that she is “under intense public pressure.” However, Markle wanted her wedding televised. Why do that? And why do the Oprah interview? Why allow photographers and videographers into their Montecito mansion? Moreso, why the Spotify podcasts which are broadcast in 178 countries? Why did Harry appear on James Corden’s  TV show in which Harry exhibitionistically engages in Carpool Karaoke?

Do these actions not scream “Look at Me?”

Was it mistreatment when these two spoiled, entitled freeloaders took up residence in Canadian billionaire Frank Giustra’s waterfront mansion on Vancouver Island in Canada? Or when afterwards Mr. and Mrs. Meghan Markle transplanted their parasitic butts to the $18 million dollar/13,000,000 £ mansion of movie star-producer Tyler Perry? Then–irresponsibly, before they landed business contracts with Netflix et alia–they bought a $14.7 million dollars (about 106,000 £) mansion for which the property tax would be about $75,000.00 (54,000 £) per annum, not including the upkeep such as security, maid services, and gardening staff and utilities including watering the 22-acre/9-hectare property.

Was it mistreatment when the Queen paid for the duo’s litigations against the press? Or when the Queen footed the colossal bills for Markle’s kinky hair? She gets her roots straightened every 3 weeks which could very well cost substantially over $50,000.00 a year. Then add to that the cost of shampooing, styling, cutting, and roundtrip transportation for the colorist and stylist to come to her at least weekly- plus for special events.

Yet Markle labels life in the Royal Family as “almost unsurvivable” in the Oprah television interview, the same interview where her hypnotized echo chamber, Harry, reviles palace life a “toxic” environment. 

The true reason Markle couldn’t stand it is that she couldn’t have her own way. She was too lazy to be a working royal. She wanted to be Queen Bee. Her industrial-strength narcissism surfaced as early as her first official appearance as wife of Harry. A mere 15 minutes after arriving at Prince Charles 70th birthday party she told Harry, “Harry, this is really boring. Let’s leave.”


America doesn’t need a recycled Royal with a Don Quixote complex to co-bungle with a clueless female POTUS. His brain is addled by Stockholm Syndrome.

Harry is not merely her codependent enabler, he is a perpetrator. When his partner-in-crime demanded a certain tiara for their wedding, Harry viciously disrespected Queen Elizabeth by retorting, “What Megan wants Megan gets.” You can bet he wouldn’t have dared such insubordination in the military. How he has treated his 95-year-old grandmother amounts to elder abuse.

The cruel timing of his Royal Family-bashing interview with Oprah Winfrey is unforgivable. Especially in light of the hospitalization of his grandfather, Prince Philip, who passed away soon after. The least Harry could have done is postpone both the announcement and airing of such garbage.


A calculating social climber, Markle asked UK TV host, Lizzie Cundy, whom she eventually dropped, to “find her a famous British man” just three years before targeting Harry.

Markle’s megalomaniacal modus operandi is a distinct pattern of discarding people like used toilet paper. She dumped her father, Thomas Markle Sr., a Hollywood lighting director who paid for her fancy private school then university education. She ditched first husband, producer Trevor Engelson, not coincidentally the same year she landed the series, “Suits.” One could reasonably assume he provided her the contacts that made her career.

Before “Suits,” Markle had a bit part as a girl performing oral sex on a guy in a car. Without being the protégée of 2 Hollywood men who loved her, this girl with a ski jump nose, no waist, the décolletage of a 12-year-old, and pipecleaner legs would likely have attracted no notice in Tinsel Town.

Collateral Damage

Markle forced Harry to throw away his family the way she discarded hers. She isolated victim Harry from his support systems. Further, Markle poisoned Harry’s relationship with his brother, Prince William, and the entire family alongside his friends, substituting her sycophants.

She excised from her life her childhood friend and maid of honor at her first wedding, Ninaki Priddy. Markle left Bogart, her first dog, behind in the States on the pretext that he was “too old” to travel. She brought her beagle, Guy, over to the UK. But shortly after her engagement he suffered 2 broken legs. How does a pet who hasn’t been kicked, thrown, beaten or hit by a car get 2 broken legs?

Abuse; remorselessness; stubbornness; superficial but fake charm which evaporates when she is crossed; inability to apologize or learn from experience; denial, counter-attacks or gaslighting when confronted with her wrongdoing (she denies abusing Kensington Palace staff): aren’t these hallmarks of a sociopath? Even of a psychopath?

Markle’s self-absorption is colossal.

With all her pompous blather about saving the world she has never done anything for supposed loved ones. She never bought her father or mother a nice house. Thomas Markle, Sr., lives in a small house in Mexico that’s flanked by an ugly cinderblock wall. Her mother lives in a modest home she inherited from her father and that’s near crime- and gang-infested Compton, California. Self-absorbed Markle has never tended to Harry by fixing his dry, frizzy hair or elevating his lousy style of dress.

Her rule-breaking metastasizes beyond her comportment at Buckingham Palace. In California during strict COVID-19 lockdown she indisputably had her hair straightened by sneaking out to a salon or the hairdresser violated lockdown orders to come to her mansion. Straightening black women’s hair is an intricate process requiring dangerous chemicals and professional application.

Further sense of superiority and disdain for the common folk disgustingly outed itself when the 36-year-old woman stuck out her tongue at the people waiting to see her walk in to Christmas Day church services on her first public appearance as the fiancée of Harry. The insult cannot be passed off as playful or immature. It can only be interpreted as mocking everyday people, flaunting her cleverness in escaping from the ranks of lowly nobodies.

Is Markle Simply Stupid?

By naming her son “Archie” instead of Archibald, Markle implies she’s not the brightest.  The nickname is okay for a cartoon character or a third-rate lounge comedian. But to break a civilized tradition of nomenclature is ignorant. Maybe she is even so stupid that she also doesn’t realize that the full name of the fish she caught in her net is “Henry” as Harry is just a nickname.

Another stupid move involves her and Harry’s Archewell charitable foundation. The U.S. patenting and trademarking documents show their application was rejected because (despite her college education) there were at least 9 errors. Plus, they forgot to sign it.

If the rumors are true that their marriage is in trouble then Markle’s broodmare tactic of a second pregnancy is likewise a stupid move. A baby under such circumstances is statistically proven to be more often than not a ball and chain that makes a man feel further trapped instead of salvaging the marriage.

How to explain Harry’s obsession?

Harry, by his own admission, fell in love with Markle during their pre-engagement honeymoon in Africa. Could it be that the Markle woman snared him with “hidden charms,” à la Wallis Simpson, the hatchet-faced conniver who ruined the career of King Edward VIII?  (My sources who are familiar with Macao affirm that Simpson was trained in, I’ll politely call it, the ways of a courtesan in a house devoted to such skills.)

Harry’s allegiance to his faux idol can also be explained by his Don Quixote complex. Just as Don Quixote idolized the woman whom he renamed and invested with imaginary noble qualities and constantly fought imaginary windmills for her honor, so Harry naively pedestalized this shrewd, opportunist, delusionally investing her with imaginary honorable qualities and hallucinating her to be the equal of his mother, whom Harry considers saintly.

One of Markle’s weapons was and continues to be mimicking Princess Diana. Markle announced her second pregnancy on Valentine’s Day as did Diana her second pregnancy with Harry. Then she wore Princess Diana’s bracelet during their TV interview by Oprah Winfrey. Unbelievably, Markle brags about changing the world.

When Harry Met Scumbag

Harry was easy prey. As an actor Markle was trained to figure out human nature and motivation, just as hunters are trained to understand their prey in order to capture them. The gold-digging missile homed in on Harry’s weakness, impressionability, neediness.

Harry barely finished high school and despite documented cheating got atrocious grades. He lacks emotional intelligence when it comes to women. Bedding a few women does not qualify the former Swastika-wearing, naked, drug-experimenting party-boy to understand women or to be able to participate in a healthy, mutually giving relationship. This is precisely why the man-child toddled into the arms of this wily, savvy woman.

He’s an overly sensitive sissy-man. Prince William’s justifiable, well-intentioned, protective question pre-engagement to Harry–is he moving too fast?–provoked a Vesuvian reaction.

Prince Harry is a trophy husband. While they were dating, his captor’s near pathological body language of clinging to her future meal ticket, often with both arms, signified possession: “I own you.”


Tell that to a coal miner, a skyscraper window washer, a short order cook, working single or married mothers, and countless other blue collar and middle class workers.

Mr. and Mrs. Meghan Markle showed up in L.A. at a soup kitchen for a part of a day. They blather on in podcasts and interviews. As clients of the world-famous Harry Walker Agency they will be giving speeches at an anticipated one million USD per shot. The couple will pontificate on social concerns such as racial injustice; gender inequality; environmental issues; and mental health–none of which either is qualified in by education or experience.

Meghan Markle was a failure at being a Royal. So was Harry.


I have a few ideas.

    1. Buckingham Palace needs to hire a professional cult deprogrammer for Harry.
    2. The Palace should cease funding this bull-in-the-china-shop couple forever.
    3. Harry should be stripped of all royal titles forever.
    4.  A battery of aptitude tests should be arranged for Harry to discover what he has talent for. Surely he has some marketable skills. Professional polo player? Celebrity chef? But is Harry even worth saving?
    5. As far as a solution for the US, Americans should stop falling under the spell of celebrity and start judging political wannabes on character and achievement. Skin color and vaginas are irrelevant.

Failing to consider qualifications and character is how we ended up with Peek-A-Boo Penis Clinton, Community Organizer Obama and Joey Demento.



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