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COVID-19 indubitably exists. But has it been justifiable to force our country into quarantine and lockdown? Hell no.

As of May 02, 2021 the number of people in the USA who have been infected by COVID is 32,360,401. The death toll to date is 581,088.

To break that down, this means 1.7% of the Coronavirus cases died. Thus, 98.3% survived. As for what percentage the deaths represent of the total USA 32,360,401 population? It’s one tenth of one percent! (Back in June of 2020 even the CDC admitted  that the death toll at that time represented just FOUR TENTHS OF ONE PERCENT.)

Is anyone hearing this? Most people don’t get COVID. Of the people who do, most don’t sustain a severe case. Even of the severe cases most people don’t die. Of the small percentage of deaths, most people had comorbidities and therefore are immunosuppressed from smoking or such pathologies as cancer, chronic respiratory disease, organ transplants, obesity, drug addiction, alcoholism, etc.

For those statistics we’ve been coerced to leave loved ones to deteriorate or die alone in nursing homes and hospitals? Been forced to cancel weddings? Been deprived of funerals for our dear ones or made to pay our last respects at funerals attended by a miniscule amount of people who can’t hug and comfort each other? This warrants the destruction of businesses? Or the livelihoods taken away? People choked on their rents or mortgages, thus now sit defeated, deprived of their homes. All for a virus that gets less than 1% of us.


Mainstream media heralds the vaccine as almost magic. The media does not trumpet that antigenic drift and antigenic shift are universal viral properties. Of ALL viruses, not just COVID-19. Something all doctors, bacteriologists, and epidemiologists know.

Scientist W. Robert Fleischmann Jr explains viral genetics in his book, “Medical Microbiology. 4th edition”. When antigenic drift occurs the virus mutates. It’s still the same virus but no “magic” vaccine will work.

When antigenic shift occurs the virus undergoes recombination. It is no longer the same virus. Not only do we not have a name for it, we have no idea what its properties are. Again “magic” vaccine fiasco.

Dr. Patricia Pilia, Ph.D., world-renowned pathologist who also holds Master’s degrees in Bacteriology and Epidemiology, confirms that there are now cases of individuals harboring several COVID-19 mutations in their bodies! The “magic” vaccine in that case is as effective as holding up your hands to ward off a tsunami.

Now let’s consider how the vaccine came to be.

A vaccine customarily comes to market after longitudinal and cross-sectional studies. Tests are conducted for about 10 to 15 years and are conducted upon thousands of people of both genders, various age groups, ethnicities and health statuses.

But the COVID-19 vaccine was rushed through in 8 or 9 months, it bypassed FDA safeguards, and was tested on a miniscule number of patients — all of them young and healthy. Consider further that some of the entities allowed to produce the vaccine had never before been engaged in pharmaceutical production! (Would you want a guy who was a shoe salesman to pilot the 747 you’re traveling on?)

And let’s not forget the bizarre adverse reactions to the vaccine which, of course, health departments pronounce to be unrelated to the vaccine. Such as the death of the young and healthy Ph.D. physical therapist 2 days after she was vaccinated. And the 73-year-old man whose skin all over his body peeled off. And the many pregnant mothers who spontaneously aborted. Please, go tell these victims of leftism they need to get vaccinated against the next strain.


The only effective mask against COVID-19 is the N-95. Clearly, there’s a shortage of these for health care providers. And guess what? It’s only effective if it’s changed after EACH patient. All other masks allow 95% of bacteria and viruses, especially COVID-19 which is an uncommonly small pathogenic microorganism, to be released from you into the environment as well as from the environment to you.

Rules by almost exclusively Democrat governors, which allow people in restaurants to take their masks off to eat and drink but otherwise to mask up, are laughably stupid. But I guess they think the Coronavirus is very polite. It stands down when you eat and drink, only attacking at other times.

Also did you know that the Coronavirus can tell time? Yup! That’s proven by the fact that Virginia’s intellectually impotent governor and power wielders in some other states declared restaurants off limits after 10 p.m. Must be because Coronavirus respects and understands curfews and restrains itself until 10:01 p.m.


Social distancing is likewise a stupid concept. A cough can travel 6 meters/19.7 feet, almost as high as a 2-story building, as determined by Lydia Bourouiba, Ph.D. whose research at MIT focuses on the interface of fluid dynamics and epidemiology in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

A sneeze, with its approximate velocity of 100 miles per hour–about the same speed at which a major league pitcher throws a ball–can be spewn up to 8 meters/26.2 feet. Regardless, coughs, sneezes and singing indisputably spread contagions. So much for the “social distancing” foisted upon us by morally diseased and intellectually dishonest rectal orifices such as N.I.H.’s Anthony Fauci.

Yet, too many politicians, who infest our country’s political landscape, urge draconian and pathetically ineffectual means of combating COVID-19.  Such is Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, who has decreed social distancing and mask-wearing, and is urging vaccinations with a demonic fervor.  He should and does know better because he’s an M.D.

At one point mis-Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, forbade motorboating. Whom was he afraid that would infect? The fish?

Virginia’s misgoverning Northam also anointed house cleaners and lawn care personnel as “essential” workers. Not coincidentally, a gigantic proportion of such workers are illegal aliens (future voters in Democrat lingo). Maintaining the cleanliness of public buildings and preventing vegetation from overgrowing them is justified and benefits both public safety and health. But on a residential scale? Most of us can handle our own housework and lawn mowing even if we’d rather not.  Although maybe Pamela Northam can’t motivate her lazy lily white ass to clean house and Ralphie probably thinks it’s beneath his dignity to mow the lawn.

Mandatory Madness

Northam’s court jester, M. Norman Oliver, M.D., the Commissioner of Virginia’s Department of Health, is hellbent on making COVID vaccines mandatory. And unfortunately state law empowers him to do so! That means you wouldn’t be able to get a job or travel to or from Virginia without a vaccine passport and would be fired from any job you held if you refused vaccination.

Leftist hysteria-fuelers include college dropout Bill Gates who not only wants a national tracking system but wants those who had positive tests to be outed publicly.

Comrade Joseph Stalin would have loved Google’s cellular phone app whereby anyone can publicize your name if they see you, among other sins, sneezing, coughing, sweating, having a runny nose, not using soap to wash your hands or not washing them for at least 20 seconds. The only thing missing from this Big Tech app is committing you to the Gulag Archipelago concentration camp if you’re in violation.

Cretin-In-Chief, JoJo Demento, made equally irrational statements, including his desire that people driving alone on the freeway should wear masks. I guess the dude polluting the Oval Office is afraid we might give COVID to our floor mats or glove compartments.

It seems probable not merely possible that, like influenza, COVID-19 will return for an encore every year. So what do these lunatic politicians expect us to do? Lockdown the whole effing country and world until the end of time???

To paraphrase the title of the iconic C&W hit, “Take This Job And Shove It”, I say to each and every Leftist governor around the country, “Take your policy and shove it!”



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