Oregon Newspaper Quick Racist CLARIFICATION

How funny it is to witness Leftism first-hand. While America comes to grips with police shooting of George Floyd and now Daunte Wright, the Left must face the aftermath of their lunacy.

For starters, both Floyd and Wright would be alive today if they just surrendered peacefully. But to mention that fact is RACIST; rationalized by the idea of a black man capitulating to authority. In these days of Jim Crow, right?

Next, remember that being “woke” now means that you support thug culture. As a parishioner of that philosophy, one must worship Michael Brown, Jr. This, despite Obama’s own black-centric Department of Justice findings that Michael Brown, Jr. was a thug who got himself killed. Regardless, we must celebrate his death annually as a reminder of the police brutality that had NOTHING to do with the death of that thug.

Where has all this led? Well, when a black person is killed by police, the Leftist part of the nation stands ready to riot and chant:

“F*ck the police!”. “Defund the police!”. “Pigs in a blanket, roast ’em like bacon!”.

I can hardly wait for the opening of the museum dedicated to the blacks who resisted arrest and got themselves killed by police. And you can bet some “woke” Leftists will fund it.

But the thug worship comes with potential peril. And Leftist media recognizes this. Thus they must remain vigilant. Like this Oregon newspaper that included the race of a white man who was fatally shot by police in its coverage. I know, a white guy!

The paper revealed the race of the victim of police brutality, not because it suddenly cares about white people. That’s silly talk. The paper reported the race of the person as a preventative measure. Can’t go having BLM and Antifa burn the city down over a white man killed by a cop.

As the paper clarified, it felt his race was important “in light of social unrest prompted by police shootings of Black people.”

“Recent shootings include Daunte Wright, who was killed by police in a Minneapolis suburb earlier this week, and two killings in Clark County in recent months,” the newspaper explained, nodding to the fact that those fatal shootings sparked rioting, looting, and other destruction.

The paper caught this one mistake. But soon people may catch on that nobody cares when white people are killed by police. Or killed by anything else for that matter.

The paper wrote of what necessitated the FAST update:

Within 90 minutes of the shooting, a group of demonstrators began to gather at the park, including Letha Winston, the mother of Patrick Kimmons, a Black man who was shot and killed by Portland police in 2018.

“We’re sick and tired of you killing people!” she shouted through a megaphone.

About 100 people were on hand by late morning, chanting “Justice Now!” to the beats of two drummers. The crowd lined up against a flank of about a dozen officers who had donned riot gear, and police told protesters to leave the area or risk arrest.

The crowd began to march around the park about 2:15 p.m. while a line of officers maintained a perimeter around the investigation scene. Over two-dozen additional officers in riot gear arrived about 3 p.m.

Police said in a statement that protesters threw sticks and full water bottles at officers, tried to pull away an officer’s baton and flattened the tires of at least one police car. Officers deployed pepper spray in response, according to police.

Police said they dropped smoke bombs and used a rubber ball grenade to distract protesters so officers could leave the area.

Protesters later started a fire in a large recycling bin, blocked traffic and engaged in altercations with motorists. They had largely cleared the area by 4:30 p.m.

Clearly, the paper was told to write, “The dude shot was WHITE!!”. And as fast as they could.

And you can bet the demonstrators cleared out, and the stop-payment on the checks happened just as quickly.


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