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Democratic Congresswoman from Texas, Sheila Jackson (no relation, thank God, to Kevin Jackson) Lee, sponsored a bill to make amends for slavery, entitled “H.R. 40 and the Path to Restorative Justice”.

It calls for establishing a commission to study the impact of slavery and deciding what monetary and other punishments taxpayers should pay for Blacks having been enslaved from 1619–over half a century before the birth of our nation in 1776–until the 13th amendment to our Constitution was ratified in 1865.

H.R. 40 is not justice. It’s another welfare scheme for Blacks and a guilt-gaslighting of stupid Whites.

First of all, nobody is responsible for the misdeeds of anyone but themselves, and at most for their minor children. Certainly, no one is responsible for their forefathers. Second, most Whites did not own slaves. Third, the only ones due reparations are the slaves–who were sold to slave traders by their own African brethren–and they’re all long dead.

Furthermore, those who are whipping too many of today’s Blacks into perpetual offendedness, and who are exerting a guilt stranglehold on today’s Whites, intend to present the skewed picture that only Blacks have been the butt of discrimination.

Reparations for Discrimination?

Consider that no descendants of European immigrants and no Europeans who emigrated here by the millions have ever squawked for “reparations”. They’re too busy working. And they have pride. Not false pride based on skin color, but human dignity-type pride that stems from achievements which contribute to society.

Over 150 years ago, Ireland was struck by seven years of famine. It wasn’t just famine poor Irish souls were escaping from. British laws for centuries had deprived Ireland’s Catholics of the right to worship, vote, speak Celtic, and to own land, horses, and guns.

Irish refugees suffered passage to America on cargo ships, not passenger ships, which lacked adequate food and clean water. During the 3,000-mile trip, the holds became filled with vomit and feces. Many died on board, their bodies dumped into the ocean. The ones who survived to reach America and apply for jobs were welcomed with “No Irish Need Apply” signs.

Some died of starvation here. The few jobs allowed them were the dangerous and low-paying ones. Yet just one generation later, the Irish rose to politically control many cities across the nation, New York and Boston among them.

Other European nationalities were similarly discriminated against in the immigration wave of the 1880s and 1890s.

In 1854 anti-Catholic mobs in Maine dragged Jesuit priest John Bapst into the streets, stripped him naked and poured boiling tar all over his body. That same year in Maine mobs set fire to an immigrant Catholic church. In 1855 rioters in Kentucky beat up Germans in the streets, looted then set fire to German homes and beat to death a German priest on his way to visit a dying parishioner.

Italians were attacked by the Ku Klux Klan in the streets and their Catholic churches were vandalized and burned. In 1891, the New Orleans police chief was found dead in the street. Immediately, Sicilians were blamed. Over 100 were rounded up and thrown into jail. Eleven were put on trial. Despite all 11 being found not guilty, a mob of 10,000 broke into the jail and lynched them plus two others. This was the largest mass lynching in United States history.

Anti-European discrimination persisted into the 20th century.

Hungarian intelligentsia were denied opportunities. In Ohio, for example, former generals went to work in coal mines. Countesses went to work cleaning houses in Pennsylvania. San Francisco offered engineers and doctors jobs as garbage collectors. One triple Ph.D. gentleman couldn’t get hired until he was clued in by fellow Hungarians to present himself as just a high school graduate. Only then did he succeed in getting two full-time jobs which he held simultaneously. He worked on a factory assembly line. Also, he worked as a messenger boy on Wall Street, delivering rubber bands, paper clips and such.

None of these European refugees or their descendants screamed for reparations.

Where does this end? Should all Christians extort reparations from Italians because their ancestor Romans threw Christians to the lions in the Colosseum for entertainment?

H.R. 40 is just another cheap trick by political overseer Blacks and white Leftist “Massas” to keep Blacks mentally enslaved on the plantation by whipping them into a frenzy of perpetual victimhood and hallucinations of systemic racism.

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