Climate Scam Artist Al Gore Challenges Arizona’s Recount

What? No money in global climate farce anymore?

Perhaps this is the reason the disgraced former VP has been tasked to speak out against the Arizona recount.

Al Gore is to the Arizona recount what Bill Nye is to science.

Democrats and the fake news media are clearly in a panic over the push to audit the results of the 2020 election.

Why is that?

The fake news media pushed the 2016 Russian narrative for years. Liberals still claim  Russia’s involvement with the Trump campaign tainted the election. Obviously, deep state operatives created this complete lie, Then, the FBI and the toxic mainstream media ran with it for as long as they could to damage President Trump and his administration.

But now, after a senile man who hid in his basement “won” the 2020 election, the Democrat-media complex is outraged and panicked that Republicans want to audit the results.

Since when do innocent people put up such a fight to thwart an audit that “should” prove the election results in their favor?

On Sunday a clearly PANICKED Al Gore went on CNN to attack the Arizona Audit.
This comes as the IT specialists behind the audit prepare the release of a preliminary evaluation of their results this week.

Gore calls the audit an “alternate reality.”

Let’s talk about “Alternate Reality”

Al Gore once made his way around Washington, DC with some silly movie about Global Warming.

The ice caps were melting, and we were all headed for sudden doom, blah, blah, blah.

But Congress is well aware of the global warming scam, and they have been all along. Testimony from scientists in 2006 exposed the efforts to conceal other warming periods that happened within the past 50 centuries.

Over the past 5,000 years? There was not just one, but three periods when it was warmer than today. And yet life on Earth survived. Climate change is natural, and warmer periods occur without human CO2 emissions being the cause. Just looking at the last decade, world temperature is falling as CO2 rises — big emitters China and India have been stocking up their coal sheds. Increases in CO2 rarely coincide with rises in the Earth’s temperature — so how can CO2 be the driver of global warming, let alone climate change?

Interesting point. I mean, I knew Gore was lying, but it’s nice when the science proves me right.

The article went on to explain:

We have had at least 75 major temperature swings in the past 4,500 years — all in great part explicable by solar cycles, volcanic activity, and those little rascals El Nino and La Nina. Those “warming” oceans? The recent trend is one of cooling, not the warming predicted by legions of modelers and their models. Since 2007, the Arctic ice cap has been increasing in area, heading back towards the norm again. Yes, the Northwest Passage was navigable this year — but it has been that way on a number of occasions, just since 1850. Thanks in great part to prevailing winds changing direction, as they are wont to do.

During the past 10,000 years since the end of the last Ice Age, all the civilizations of the world came to fruition — and they mainly prospered in the warmer periods.

And there’s more. Those extra cute polar bears that were disappearing, well, thanks to good wildlife management, there are more of them now that there were thirty years ago. But I could spend days debunking Gore’s assertions. But that would be missing the point.

The point is, Democrats put their hopes in a scam artist, AGAIN.

Why is Gore defending the Arizona farce of an election? When the truth is pretty obvious. Arizona allowed Biden to cheat his way to the top.

Maricopa County officials already decided to replace all voting machines. Apparently, the Republican-led investigation into the election “compromised” the machines. (Cough-cough) In other words, they need to get rid of these machines. Yet, officials stand by the certified results. So, why then the change?

What’s even more interesting is the new choice of voting machines.

NBC points out:

The new machines will also be made by Dominion, according to Fields Moseley, the county’s communications director.

Trump allies advanced a series of conspiracy theories about the Dominion Voting Systems during the election, including that the company had ties to deceased Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez and that it had switched votes.

Now, I can’t tell you the Dominion machines are corrupt. But I can tell you many other voting machine systems exist. So, why choose one with a history of contention? Seems a bit fishy if you ask me.

Vague answers. Suspicious choices. And a scam artist to divert attention away from the facts. If that isn’t classic leftism, I can’t tell you what is.



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