End Hate Crimes But Abolish The Label Too

This hate crime thing conjured up by Leftists and their brainwashed, virtue-signaling minions has got to go.

The latest insipid addition to the hate crime pile of statutes is the one concocted by the anencephalic Democrat Senator from Hawaii, Mazie Hirono, which became law on May 20, 2021.

As Rep Diana Harshbarger (R-Tennessee) explains: this is just one more way to steal our money.

“Hate crimes against any group should be condemned and are already illegal,” Harshbarger said. “I voted against the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act because it gives way too much authority to the federal government and creates a new federal grant program.”

Think about it, if a killer pulls out a 23-inch Tramontina machete and yells anoy one of the following–Gook, Cracker, Dago, Wop, Spic, Bohunk, Polack, Nigger or whatever–is the victim going to be  any deader than if the killer had just stayed silent? Of course not. Do the legislators dreaming this stuff up realize that murder per se is a hate crime and we already have statutes on the books for murder? Have hate crime verdicts stopped or decreased so-called hate crimes or any violent crimes? No. In fact they’ve increased exponentially. Especially since the anarchistic, cretinous defunding of some police departments.

Add to that the fact that the hate crime charge isn’t even meted out evenhandedly because if a member of the minority du jour commits a crime against a Caucasian, the non-white perpetrator is almost never charged with a hate crime.

Where does this all stop? There are so many differentiating factors in addition to race, so, to be fair, will the hate crime label ever be applied across the board?

To show you how ridiculous the whole concept is, here are some of my fictional applications.

WIKIPEDIA JONES (Mother):  Girl, whatchu been doin’? The Popo was here.

TELEFAXIA JOHNSON (Daughter): I shanked that skank, Yvonne. She be stealin’ clothespins from my clothesline again. Bitch ain’t gonna do that no more from a body bag.

WIKIPEDIA JONES (Mother): You crazy, girl? I brought you up to know you is A.M.E. Yvonne be Baptist. Now yo’ ass gonna git extra time.

Or imagine this:

KENNESAW BUMPKIN, Jr. (Young white good ol’ boy) I just blowed Billy Joe’s head off. Part of him’s in Dimwit Creek and the other part’s down the hill in Crabgrass Holler.

ERROL  ELWOOD (Best Friend) Dang, man. Whudjoo go an’ do that for?

You know I go fishin’ in that creek.

KENNESAW BUMPKIN, Jr. (Young white good ol’ boy) He disrespected my girl. He stared too long at Sassy Mae’s double-D’s when her top got stuck in my trigger pull when me an’ Billie Jo was duck huntin’.

ERROL ELWOOD (Best Friend) Wow, dude. Your Momma’s car ain’t gonna hold up to visit you in the pokey for all that extra time you’re gittin’ for a hate crime. Whole county knows he’s the only one with that weird, rare blood type and you got the kind most everybody got.

Or try this:

PAXTON MADISON HARRISON OGILVIE-SANBORNE III (Son) Hey, Mom.  Sorry I’m late for dinner. I just killed that asshole, Halifax Crandall.

WHITNEY LUCRETIA OGILVIE-SANBORNE (Mother) Oh, glory, Paxton.  If you had pledged Zooma Puma Kai fraternity as I told you and as your father, grandfather and great-grandfather before you had, then your father’s law firm could have taken care of this. But no. In your percussed, recalcitrance, you had to join Rocka Banga Ho and do away with a member of Smegma Megma. Now it’s a hate crime. Pass the kale.

Now for the grand finale imagine the headline: “INNIE BELLY BUTTON OWNER SLAYS OUTIE. 20 YEARS ADDED TO 1ST DEGREE MURDER SENTENCE.”

Visit https://www.congress.gov/contact-us to contact your U.S. Congressmen and U.S. Senators, and additional ones, to sponsor or pass legislation to end this hate crime idiocy. And include a link to this Op-Ed to show them how ridiculous they are if they voted for hate crime legislation to begin with.




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