Leftist City PLEADS for Tourists to Visit

Leftism at its finest showcased again in one of America’s Leftist-run cities.

Who would believe that Portland, Oregon is now a cesspool. The iconic city formerly evoked a Northwest feeling of adventure. However, now when people think of Portland, they think of lawlessness.

That hasn’t stopped Portland from trying to lure in victims. According to the New York Post,

Tourism officials in Portland took out a full-page ad in the New York Times to urge visitors to come to the northwest destination despite the continued unrest — insisting that they have “faith in the future” of the besieged city.

Tourism nonprofit Travel Portland appeared to cryptically reference the violent and ongoing protests that have garnered national media attention.

“You’ve heard a lot about us lately. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us,” the advertisement read.

“Some of what you’ve heard about Portland is true. Some is not. What’s most important is that we’re true to ourselves.”

This ad reminds me of the preacher who must eulogize a criminal. How many platitudes can you say about a drug-dealing murderer?

“Ray Ray was not a perfect man. And while he may not be going home to the Lord, Ray Ray is loved by his gang who will miss him.”

Who did they get to promote this new land of violence?

Law Enforcement Today reported the increase in crime,

The city of Portland was one of the first cities to jump on the “defund the police” bandwagon with Mayor Ted Wheeler supporting a cut of 16 million dollars to the police department in June 2020. The move was quickly followed by more than 100 consecutive days of violent riots, which have continued in 2021.

Portland already had 20 homicides and 208 shootings as of March 1, 2021. Last year, however, there was just one homicide during the same three-month time period. [Of course, that was thanks to Trump’s law and order.]

But don’t expect Mayor Wheeler to sell t-shirts that say “I defunded the police and all I got was a 1900% increase in murders” anytime soon. Instead, Mayor Wheeler has sheepishly requested two million dollars in emergency funding so the police department can actually address the violence. The department is still short fourteen million dollars in resources.

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Here’s how the Portland marketing team spins the reality of their hellhole:

“We’re a place of dualities that are never polarities. Two sides of the same coin that keeps landing right on its edge. Anything can happen. We like it this way,” the group wrote.

“This is the kind of place where new ideas are welcome — whether they’re creative, cutting-edge or curious at first glance. You can speak up here. You could be yourself here,” they continued.

The ad acknowledge that the city is home to the “loudest voices on the West Coast,” adding that “passion pushes the volume all the way up.”

“We’ve always been like this. We wouldn’t have it any other way,” tourism officials said.

“We have faith in the future. We’re building it every day the only way we know how, by being Portland. Come see for yourself.”

Would you put Portland on your vacation list?



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