Mayo Clinic: Biden Checks ALL the Boxes on Brain Damage

How sick of Leftists to perform a coup, then put a demented clown in Trump’s rightful seat. But Leftists have no bounds when it comes to cheating.

Joe Biden’s cognitive skills would eliminate him from operating a forklift. Yet, Democrats were so desperate after The Big Cheat, Biden represented “best and brightest.”

Those symptoms are a number of cognitive and psychological changes, including:

      • Memory loss, which is usually noticed by someone else
      • Difficulty communicating or finding words
      • Struggling with reasoning or problem-solving
      • Difficulty with coordination and motor functions
      • Confusion and disorientation
      • Inappropriate behavior
      • Agitation

None of this is a surprise to Leftist, as we sounded the alarm bell months ago. Here is a report from NBC regarding Biden’s brain damage:

Wouldn’t you like to see Biden without handlers? Or what about on hidden camera? Because, Biden checks ALL these boxes. Every single one of these above symptoms have been on display by Biden on numerous occasions.

Let’s begin looking at Biden’s memory loss.

I have one thing to say, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are…you know the deal!”

Australian News showcases almost all of the areas of Biden’s dementia in this video:

Biden confuses Syria with Libya, then he bombed Syria. Did he mean to bomb Syria?

It would be one thing to confuse the countries once. But Biden did it multiple times and it never registered in his damaged brain that he had done it.

And what of Biden’s recent “whisper campaign”?

What a f*cking weirdo! And people know this, so the cat is out of the bag.

Check out what Joe Rogan said of Biden:

“We’re unhinged … We don’t really have a leader in this country anymore.”

Rogan opined that we currently live in, “one of the most tumultuous periods, I think, in the history of the country.”

He continued,

“We’re unhinged in a lot of ways and we’re not anchored down by a real leader,” Rogan continued. “You know, we don’t really have a real leader in the country, anymore. I mean, you can say Joe Biden is the president, he’s our leader, and you’d be correct on paper. But I mean, everybody knows he’s out of his mind. He’s just, he’s barely hanging in there.”

Biden’s woes were known by his handlers. And yet they placed this clown in office in a coup. But the media and social media giants ignore this. Moreover, they will cancel anybody who speaks the truth on this and other issues, all because they have their “reset” agenda.

The Great Reset is not working.

People in America are waking up, especially the “woke.” That generation of losers now realizes they were sleep-walking and being told how “woke” they were.




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