Why One Doctor Wants to Shoot White People

Dr. Aruna Khilanani wants to shoot all white people. She’s a psychiatrist. Wow, sign me up for an appointment. I can’t wait to get on this analyst’s couch.

New York psychiatrist, Dr. Aruna Khilanani gave a virtual speech at Yale entitled: “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind.” In it, she shared her fantasies of shooting white people in the head and then walking away with a bounce in her step.

She claims that we, meaning me, because I’m white, make her sick. She’d like to shoot me. Apparently, in the head. We have no ability to empathize with anyone that is non-white, according to her. She views herself as brown. Interestingly, most Google searches do not denote her nationality – she is Iranian or Indian or who knows, just anything but white.

She spews hatred on all her social media accounts. Where’s that integrity-ingrained Jack Dorsey, when you need him, eh?  How about Mark?

The problem is, she’s a psychologist. She analyzes people and their emotional and mental problems. Man, by all means, let me P-A-Y you to listen to my issues of distress, while you analyze not how to help me medically, but how you can shoot me, bury me and carry my blood on your hands. Guiltless to boot, because she feels she’s done society a favor.

Trump can’t be on Facebook, but this chick practices psychiatry?

And more so, how the hell did she get so angry? Yet, even more pressing, how is it that the State Medical Board of New York is not investigating her and her practice? Surely it’s time to revoke her license – like stat! Of course, we’re talking about a state governed by a Cuomo.

This is utter sickness – in her head specifically. Khilanani says she is not the kind of therapist that sits around and just “listens” to her patients. Red flag there! Run! Probably, she likes to infuse her diabolical interpretations of life, happiness, and contentment onto those people laying on her office couch with her version of justifiable and sheer loathing. The “good” doctor is imparting her antipathy onto people that are at their weakest and most vulnerable.

This is the worst kind of emotional abuse. It is counter to anything a doctor of medicine or psychiatry should ever convey to a patient. She is unfit to practice.

Her banner for her private practice in Manhattan says “all are welcome at the meet point.” Further stating it is a “humble sanctuary for all kinds of people.” She list’s everyone, shockingly even whites. We’re welcome too. Maybe whities are more welcome than others so that she can manipulate the weak and try to infuse her hatred and turn the minds of all us nasty honkies into something she can approve of. But don’t count on it – she lives her hatred, that is obvious.

This is all intensely disturbing – taken at face value, because she must be intensely disturbed. Mentally unhinged doctors should not be counseling anyone, at any time.

It’s interesting to note that there is not much information about her when googling. Her nationality is either Iranian or Indian. She’s prolific on her social media accounts, spewing hatred. Again, the social media Gestapo doesn’t seem to notice. It’s just crickets from these clowns.

Even Yale doesn’t seem bothered by Khilanani’s “core values.” Somehow, the Ivy League university is not denouncing her. To her end, she has slammed the university for not making it public, which they promised, so she claims. They would be stupid to post this. What’s more upsetting, she gave her speech at the Child Study Center at Yale University, where they tout their mission to treat and prevent childhood mental illness.

According to the New York Post, Khilanani stated:

“We keep forgetting that directly talking about race is a waste of our breath,” Khilanani stated in the incendiary speech. “We are asking a demented, violent predator who thinks that they are a saint or a superhero to accept responsibility. It ain’t gonna happen.”

Another hypocrite in our midst. But this one is dangerous.  Let’s break this down: she is the predator and she is demented. She is preying on the weak.

Who’s protecting the children from this shrink?

I’d like to think that Yale could be held liable for promoting violence. I can’t stress this enough – consider all the people that were killed or injured in any of the mass shootings at schools, colleges, movie theaters, churches, outdoor concerts, and any other venues, and think about how this rhetoric affects them or their families? Or influences anyone that may lean in this direction. This is not okay. This is so not okay.

Interestingly, Khilanani claims she’s an expert in issues of racism, racial identity, all things violence, sexual identity, and issues of the prison population. Likely, she’s an expert because she is all of these – she’s a racist, she is violent, and she extols the virtues of killing members of humanity – openly. How are her intentions any different than any of the mass shooters of our time?

Here’s one of her videos, explaining her educational background. See if you can spot the “I hate white people” belief system.

@arunakhilananiPart 1- Here’s why I left the ivy leagues & decided to write “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind” follow for Part 2 & 3 ##drsoftiktok

♬ Send Me on My Way – Vibe Street

Ironically, she supposedly specializes in working with black and brown people, those that have been harmed by psychology and psychiatry. This is so rich. Khilanani is a viper. She is a predator masking herself as the savior of all those harmed, while she manipulates the thoughts and emotions of those in her care.

See Something, Say Something

Of all the things we have learned from the violence and mass shootings, we’ve been told over and over, see something, say something. How much more does anyone have to see and then say? She is telegraphing her true desires. She’s a psychotic hot mess. And yet Yale allowed Khilanani’s message to be projected from the Department of Child Studies? What is wrong with this picture?

This lack of ethics isn’t just a doctor problem, or a Yale problem. Instead, this is a societal issue. The cries of racism are so over-used and hold no sway anymore except with the Woke and the hate-inspired. Yet this brown chick capitalizes on the race issue to sell her product. No different than BLM – which is also a scam.

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