1.8 Million On Unemployment Turned Down Job Offers

Welcome to the Biden Era. A time when whining Leftists expect something for nothing.

Consider what Biden is doing, an expansion from the Obama Era where mostly Black Leftists expected something for nothing.

Biden’s solution to a thriving economy is to crush it. A trick he learned from the “trick” in the White House from 2008-2016.

So according to Morning Consult poll results, about 1.8 million out-of-work Americans have turned down jobs. People are opting out of jobs, despite the labor shortage. Laughably, Biden convinced people that not working pays better than working.

Check out the reasons why people now opt out of independence and growing their self-esteem.

By the numbers: Morning Consult surveyed 5,000 U.S. adults from June 22-25, 2021.

  • Of those actively collecting unemployment benefits, 29% said they turned down job offers during the pandemic. In response to a follow-up question, 45% of that group said they turned down jobs specifically because of the generosity of the benefits.
  • Extrapolating from the 14.1 million adults collecting benefits as of June 19, Morning Consult concluded that 1.8 million people turned down job offers because of the benefits.

Leftists like Biden used the Wuflu scamdemic to implement “emergency provision” that inspire people to do absolutely nothing.

In order to thwart Biden’s idiotic actions, 26 states opted to cut emergency benefits early. They were forced to do this, in an effort to get people back to work. Thankfully for Americans, all unemployment insurance benefits, including the standard 26 weeks worth of benefits as well as the emergency benefits, are set to end by September. Be prepared for Joey Demento to try to extend unemployment further. Unless taxpaying Americans decide to revolt at the continued horrible unemployment extensions.

How long can an economy continue to operate when people get paid to do nothing?Moreover, doing nothing pays so well. This sounds suspiciously like the beginning of universal basic income.

I think it’s time hardworking Americans redefine unemployment back to the good ol’ days. Back then, drawing unemployment was considered embarrassing. Even if it was getting your own money back. Americans were content to put that money in the treasury with the hopes of never getting it back; a sort of “pay it forward.”


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