Biden Era Olympic Size Embarrassment

I saw two headlines regarding the Olympics that should embarrass Leftists in America. Only they are too stupid to feel embarrassment or shame.

The first headline came from Axios and read, “China wins first gold of Tokyo Olympics.”

No surprise there for anybody paying attention to world affairs. The coup against Trump all but guaranteed America’s poor performance in the Olympics, and life as we know it. Trump challenged China; Biden sold out to China. Yes, it’s that simple. With Biden at the helm, China rules the world. So I expected China to win the first gold medal. And many of us know that China will upstage Americans in many events. That’s because China isn’t focused on Leftist nonsense like global climate change or critical race theory. The Chinese have one goal: world domination.

So I wasn’t surprised to see the next headline from The Hill which read, “Team USA gets no medals to open Summer Olympics for first time in decades.”

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Team USA athletes suffered multiple upset losses in the first official day of competition at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday, the first time in decades the U.S. has walked away with no medals on Day 1 of the Summer Games.

A total of 11 gold medals were given out Saturday for events in archery, cycling, fencing, judo, air rifle and pistol shooting, taekwondo, and weightlifting . However, the U.S. athletes did not receive gold, silver or bronze in any of the events Saturday.

Olympic historian Bill Mallon  pointed out that this was the first time the U.S. did not get any medals on Day 1 of the Summer Olympics since Munich in 1972, though Team USA also failed to medal on the first day of the Winter Olympics in 2018.

Winter Olympics don’t count; Summer Olympics matter. And the U.S. must go back 5 decades to experience such an embarrassment.

Keep in mind, our embarrassment decades before occurred during the era of Soviet doping. So at least our athletes had a valid excuse.

The article goes on to mention China winning the first goal.

China won the first gold medal of the Tokyo Games on Saturday with a victory from Yang Qian in the 10-meter air rifle competition.

USA Today reported that Yang was able to edge out the Russian Olympic Committee’s Anastasiia Galashina, with Switzerland’s Nina Christen taking the bronze.

Ironically, an American who didn’t medal in the air rifle competition was expected to.

Mary Tucker, the American competing in the event, who is ranked No. 2 in the world, had a series of bad shots in the final on Saturday, causing her to ultimately place sixth.

Apparently everybody doesn’t get a trophy? But disappointment didn’t stop there.

The top U.S. athletes in archery also experienced upset defeats Saturday, with No. 2 seed Brady Ellison and Mackenzie Brown losing 5-4 to Indonesia in a shootout in the first round at Yumenoshima Park.

Yes, another #2 didn’t medal. To all this disappointment, I’d like to know where is Dominion Voting Systems when we need them!?



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