CA City PD: “12 Hours of Nonstop Chaos”

America’s Leftists are the most deadly people on the planet. Left to themselves, they would be dead within a year.

I chronicle the weekly carnage of Chicago on my radio show. This last weekend was particularly spectacular, as 93 people were shot and 16 people killed. Happy Independence Day, that’s if your idea of independence is death.

Consider that Chicago is the 71st most deadly city in America, per capita, and you have to wonder what happened in the rest of the country.

Don’t think Leftists wish to backtrack on defunding the police. After all, they have all those counselors they are ready to deploy.

How did that work out in California?

Well, on July 24, the Oakland City Council voted to slash $17 million from the city’s police budget. Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong spoke a week later at a press conference to forewarn of dire consequences.

“That additional $17 million that was reduced from the police department’s budget will have an impact. When you hear the statements from those who say nothing will change, that is not true. Yes it will. The impact will be immediate.”

Almost a year later, actions by Leftists thugs proved the chief was right.

In what was described as “12 hours of nonstop chaos”, Oakland was a slaughterhouse.

Oakland police responded to seven shootings, two deaths and a huge sideshow overnight on the Fourth of July in “12 hours of nonstop chaos,” Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong said Monday…

One shooting led to the city’s 67th homicide this year after a 48-year-old man died on the street just after midnight. Another man died of blunt trauma to the head, the cause of which is under investigation. A female victim was in grave condition Monday and not expected to survive.

The level of life-threatening violence was so high that the ambulance system was inundated and “took a considerable amount of time to respond,” the police chief said.

Look at the rest of the nation.

At least 150 people were killed in more than 400 shootings in the U.S. over the Fourth of July weekend, CNN reports from data compiled by the Gun Violence Archive.

Yahoo actually seems to brag about the carnage in New York City:

There were 13 victims from 12 shootings in New York City on July 4, according to NYPD, up from eight shootings and eight victims on the same date last year. The city saw 21 shootings involving 26 victims from Friday to Sunday, down from 30 people who were shot in 25 shootings in the same period a year ago.

Crime is so bad, that NY Governor Cuomo even declared a state of emergency:

A surge in gun violence across cities in New York led Gov. Andrew Cuomo to declare a state of emergency Tuesday.

The move, which Cuomo called a disaster emergency, means New York can bolster its law enforcement presence in cities where the shootings are on the rise and put additional state resources in crime-ridden areas, he said.

Additionally, he said, the state will establish a new gun violence prevention office within the state Health Department, require police agencies to better report where the shootings are happening, and establish a council on gun violence reduction.

I love how they call it a “surge in gun violence”. It’s a surge in Leftist violence that has little to do with guns.

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