CA Gov. Newsom Finally on Chopping Block? Dems QUAKE!

California Conservatives clinched quite the victory, and it potentially puts an end to Gavin Newsom once and for all.

After a court battle against CA Secretary of State Shirley Weber, Larry Elder won the right to have his name on the September 14th ballot. Recall, this election is a careful plan aimed at removing Newsom from office. Which means things are about to get interesting.

California might be saved after all!

As Breitbart News reported Tuesday, Elder’s campaign sued the Secretary of State after she excluded him from the list of 41 candidates to replace Newsom, if a majority of voters choose to recall him. The reason given was that Elder allegedly failed to file complete tax returns. Elder’s campaign denied that accusation, noting that he had turned in five years of tax returns on time, and also arguing that the law requiring candidates to submit tax returns did not apply to recalls anyway.

Elder also noted the Secretary of State had exempted Newsom from the requirement, saying he was not a “candidate.”

Judge Laurie Earl agreed with the latter point: “Preliminarily … I am not convinced that Election Code section 8902 applies to recall election. And if it did, I am of the opinion, I am inclined to find that Mr. Elder substantially complied.”

After lawyers for all parties had a change to present their case, Earl made her ruling final:

I don’t find that the recall election is a direct primary election ballot … By reaching that finding, I don’t find that Mr. Elder was required to file tax returns at all … I would grant the petition, and issue a peremptory and writ of mandate, directing the respondent, and all persons under her control, to file Mr. Elder’s nomination documents … qualifying him as a candidate and place his name and ballot designation on the ballot, and any sample ballot and voter pamphlet for a candidate for Governor of the State of California in the September 14th recall election.

Polls Shifting

There’s good news! Not that I often believe polls, but when they clearly challenge the leftist rhetoric, I like to at least give them a chance. And according to San Francisco Gate, Gavin Newsom doesn’t have this in the bag.

As SFGATE writes:

We finally have a new poll of the Gavin Newsom recall election in California, and it shows a tightening race with some big warning signs for the governor.

The last high quality polls that were released in May showed opposition to the recall beating support for the recall by double digits, but a new poll released by Emerson College and Nexstar Media’s Inside California Politics on Thursday shows a closer race.

Support for the recall among survey respondents was at 43%, while opposition was at 48%, with 9% of voters undecided. Emerson’s previous poll of the recall in March had support for the recall at 38% and opposition at 42%.

It Gets Worse (for Newsom)

The biggest red flag for Newsom was the poll’s question, “Regardless of the recall effort, would you vote to re-elect Gov. Newsom in 2022 or do you think it is time for someone new?” in which a whopping 58% of voters wanted someone new, while only 42% were happy with Newsom — suggesting the governor could be in serious danger in 2022 if his opponent is a Democrat, independent with enough name recognition or a Republican not closely tied to former President Donald Trump and the National Republican Party. Newsom has blanketed the airwaves with ads comparing the recall to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

Other warning signs for Newsom — who had a 49% approval rating and a 42% disapproval rating in the poll — include lackluster marks on his handling of wildfires and the drought, which could be more salient issues just ahead of the recall election Sept. 14. Newsom previously overstated the amount of wildfire prevention efforts the state has undertaken and has not ruled out mandatory water use restrictions.

The poll found that more than 53% of voters are undecided on the recall ballot’s second question of who should replace Newsom. That is also a warning sign for Newsom, as it once again highlights that most voters — with the exception of pro-recall ones — are not paying much attention to the race, which is something previous polls picked up on. If turnout is highest among those who want to recall Newsom, that’s obviously a problem for the governor.

Clearly, Elder’s campaign is picking up speed, as he drew the most support in the poll. Now remember, pollsters rarely tell the truth. Or perhaps they rarely pick a representative sample to question. So it’s highly likely that Elder has way more support than SFGate admits.

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