CA Governor SUSPENDS Green Energy to Fire Up Coal Plants

Hey AOC, is this thing on?! What does the bartender-turned-political-loudmouth have to say about this move by California Governor Gavin Newsom?

Newsom succumbed to dirty black energy when he suspended several environmental quality regulations on Friday. He was forced to allow fossil fuel power plants to produce more electricity due to the possibility of blackouts.

Hard to believe that California is hot during the summer, given all this global climate change. Apparently Newsom expected spring during the summer?

What happened to the green energy that was to save the state, and well…THE PLANET?

Good question. As it turns out, solar and wind energy can’t meet the demand to power all those Teslas. But it’s not like California learned anything, because they had the same problem last August. One guess what caused their problems almost a year ago.

Yes, that son-of-a-bitch SUMMER!

Last year the state experienced little wind and overcast skies. Not that these were the real culprits. Because the “green grid” couldn’t handle the pressure if the wind blew continually and there was no cloud cover during the summer.

What great optics for the state who set the standard for green energy…fiascos.

Newsom signed an “extreme heat proclamation” on Friday. This emergency act allowed the California Air Resources Board to allow “maximum discretion” for the use of generators on land, and to let ships in port use auxiliary engines for power, rather than connecting to the onshore grid.

Talk about kicking one’s own ass. Again, I ask AOC, “Is this thing on?!”

But Newsom didn’t stop with the extreme heat proclamation. He also suspended “daily average and instantaneous temperature limitations in waste discharge requirements for thermal power plants,” and lifted restrictions on “the amount of power that a facility may generate,” as well as air quality rules “that prevent the facility from generating additional power during peak demand hours.”

Interestingly, Leftists are willing to dirty their air when it comes to being comfortable. Why not just mandate that people buy fans?

Newsom sees the writing on the wall.

Last year, Newsom said that the state needed to “sober up” about the limitations of renewable energy sources. In order to satisfy the green weenies, Newsom continues to  pursue a “green” agenda, still promising to phase out the internal combustion engine in vehicles in the state. But he must also be a realist, ergo a pragmatic Conservative.

Without coming to his senses and a favorable ruling from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Newsom’s state would be in deep kimche. Currently, California’s power usage falls at the mercy of neighboring states. And that doesn’t look good on Newsom’s presidential resume.





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