Cheating Pelosi Out Soon, Republicans Closing in

Speaker Pelosi lost some power. But it’s only the beginning. In 2022, Republicans will rip the gavel from Pelosi’s old arthritic hands.

In the meantime, Pelosi finds herself under fire.

After cheating her way to a slim margin during the presidential election, Pelosi got bad news. A new Republican Congresswoman joins Capitol Hill.

Julia Letlow has been officially sworn into the House of Representatives representing the 2nd Congressional District of Louisiana. Letlow fills the seat left by her late husband Luke Letlow, who died unexpectedly from complications related to the China virus. In an obvious Republican stronghold, the widow Letlow received 65 percent of the vote in her special election.

The addition of Letlow brings the Republican seats in the House to 212. This compares to the 218 seats occupied by Democrats. As Republicans creep up on the Democrats in the House, Democrat defectors become huge. A swing of three votes creates a tie, and legislation cannot pass.

Further, what Marjorie Taylor Greene has done has major impact on House votes. She now demands roll-call votes which requires all Congressmen to vote in person.

Back in 2020, Pelosi used the scamdemic to suspend roll-call voting. The Detroit News described it as follows:

Nancy Pelosi Democrat majority in Congress approved proxy voting (meaning someone else casts your vote) in the U.S. House of Representatives. Now an elected representative can choose not to show up for work and let another person vote for him or her. I am certain voters back home would be surprised to learn that a representative from another state was their voice of democracy.

Worse yet, a single member of Congress can collect up to 10 proxy votes of “no-show” colleagues. Do the math. There are 435 members of Congress. Under this unconstitutional power grab, a mere 20 members could control passage of legislation impacting more than 300 million Americans. It is not supposed to work this way.

As for Letlow’s victory, President Trump made his presence felt. He tweeted his congratulations:

“Congratulations to Julia Letlow on her BIG win in Louisiana!  Despite running in a field with a dozen candidates, no runoff election is necessary because she received 65% of the vote—an incredible victory. I am thrilled for Julia and the entire Letlow family.  Luke is looking down proudly from above.”

I anticipate that President Trump will have many more such congratulation emails next year. Because Pelosi won’t be able to protect all her people.

Republicans know they were cheated, and have already begun implementing security measures to make sure what Democrats did never happens again.

Will Democrats know who to trust in the next election? Because Dominion Voting Systems won’t have the free ride they got in 2020.

With the latest vote by the Supreme Court on ballot-harvesting, Democrats suffered a huge blow. Worse, over 20 percent of blacks voted for Trump, and that support will remain with Republicans despite Captain Demento making Juneteenth a national holiday.

All Democrats can do is try to devise new inventive ways to cheat. It will be much more difficult the next time.



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