Covid Shot Can Cause Neurotoxicity and These Diseases

If Donald Trump didn’t have the election stolen, you can bet we would be hearing all about the adverse effects of the Wuflu vaccines.

But because Joey Demento was illegally elected, the Left are in a quandary. They have nobody to blame for the Wuflu vaccine deaths, particularly since Demento took credit for Trump’s Operation Warp Speed: the project where the world got multiple “cures” for the biological weapon disease created by the Chinese.

So what are the side-effects of the Wuflu vaccines, aka “death pokes”? As the saying goes, there are some things worse than death.

According to Children’s Health Defense Team:

Immunologist and former NIH scientist J. Bart Classen analyzed data on COVID vaccine adverse events reported to the UK’s Yellow Card system and found thousands of reports of multiple symptoms that are “clear signals” of neurodegenerative disorders.

As cases pile up (445 as of July 9) of the reportedly “rare” neurological disorder Guillain-Barré syndrome in people who received a COVID vaccine — forcing the sluggish U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to add a warning label to the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) shot — scientists are issuing urgent warnings about a possible tsunami of other types of neurological injuries.

Immunologist J. Bart Classen, one-time National Institutes of Health (NIH) contract scientist and proprietor of Classen Immunotherapies, a Maryland biotechnology firm, published a paper in February outlining the potential for messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID vaccines to trigger development of prion diseases as well as other chronic diseases.

Prion or “prion-like” diseases include Alzheimer’sParkinson’samyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple system atrophy (MSA) and others. A hallmark of these neurodegenerative diseases is the formation and clustering of misfolded proteins within the nervous system.

Classen’s February conclusions were based on analysis of RNA from the Pfizer injection.

Now, Classen has published a second paper on prion disease risks that draws on actual adverse event data from the United Kingdom following vaccination with the AstraZeneca or Pfizer COVID vaccines.

These data show the risk of neurodegenerative adverse events is far from theoretical. In fact, the AstraZeneca vaccine is already producing a safety signal for Parkinson’s disease. And the Pfizer vaccine may not be far behind.

That’s a lot of technical talk for what far too many people now experience. The “cures” for Wuflu will jack you up.

Enlarged hearts, bells palsy, and other ailments including the one that killed my mother (blood clots) can and do occur. Yet, the CDC and other government agencies and personnel who are supposed to protect Americans say little to nothing about the dangers of these “cures.”

Additionally, I’m told that 45,000 people have died because of the Wuflu vaccines. Who knows for sure, because the fed lies continually about this disease and the cures. But again, what about the survivors?

The article continues and references the SCIENCE, yes actual data on the neurological disorders caused by the vaccines:

Classen’s analysis focuses on roughly six months’ worth of data (through mid-June 2021) for two of the experimental COVID injections currently authorized in the UK — the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine that deploys genetically engineered adenoviruses and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine reliant on lipid-encapsulated synthetic mRNA. (Due to insufficient data, Classen was not able to include the Moderna shot.)

Unfortunately, these maladies are only the beginning. And I fear that people who took this shot will experience far-reaching implications for which they are not prepared. Sadly, the government will stop at nothing to convince citizens to ingest this poison.

If Trump were president, we might actually get the truth. After all, Leftists bilked American taxpayers of trillions on this ruse. Now, they are killing citizens with no repercussions. Those who don’t die may wish they had.


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