Democrats in TEARS over this Election Development

Democrats “know the thing.” And that thing is that they can’t win elections without cheating.

They cheated to defeat Trump. Because NO Democrat believes Joe Biden won the election against Trump. And while Democrats won the battle, they will lose the war.

Dominion Voting Systems is under fire. Both Democrats and Republicans know that Dominion supports the highest bidder. States will make sure that The Big Cheat can’t happen again, or politics changes forever. Too many politicos have worked too hard to rise through the ranks. And they don’t want Dominion, or anybody else who can so easily disrupt years- perhaps decades, of ladder-climbing.

Next, Conservatives are on alert.

So now we are in hyper mode to make sure that Leftists won’t cheat again. Which brings me to the Supreme Court ruling on ballot-harvesting.

Sadly for the DNC, the Supreme Court upheld that Arizona’s voting laws are not racist. That’s quite the blow to leftists who like to play the “black” card.

As the Washington Examiner explains:

The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld two Republican-supported Arizona voting laws they say are intended to ensure election integrity.

The decision, delivered by a 6-3 court split on partisan lines, found that neither law violated Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act and that they were not enacted with racially discriminatory intent. Justice Samuel Alito wrote the court’s majority opinion. Justice Elena Kagan led the liberals in dissent.

The laws require two things. The first is that a ballot be thrown out if it was cast in a precinct other than the one matching the voter’s home address. The second is a ban on “ballot-harvesting,” a practice in which third-party carriers collect absentee ballots and deliver them for counting.

In other words, variances in income, employment, and education have always created differences in voting. That’s a given. But avoiding fraud is the bigger priority here. Not leveling the playing field through legislation.Count Me In, Twice

Don’t be fooled by the liberal mainstream media. They keep saying “unsubstantiated claims” of voter fraud, but even as they say it, leftists know its bullshit. Voter fraud most definitely exists. And for the most part, it’s not even very complicated.

In fact, many instances of voter fraud are what we call “double voting.” It happens often when someone moves, and they vote with both their old voter registration and their new one. Of course, some people take it to the extreme. Like Rosa Maria Ortega.

Ortega is actually a Mexican citizen.

But, she was living in Texas when she was busted for voting illegally five times. Ortega now wakes up every day in jail, where she will spend the next 8 years. But her case points to a much bigger problem. Because her ID actually stated that she was NOT a US citizen. So why aren’t those who let her vote in just as much trouble?

And then there are the graveyard ballots, when people manage to weigh in on an election when they no longer reside this side of the pearly gates. Add this to rigged voting machines, where electronics are trained to pick the winner. Or volume printing, mail-in ballots, and any other instance leftists can use to engineer the victor. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduct that voter fraud is alive and well.

Let Fairness Ring

Of course, today’s ruling from the Supreme Court is a nod to fairness. Because when it comes to voting, the absolute most important aspect of it all has to be counting them fairly.

The average voter should never contemplate whether his/her vote went to the intended candidate. But there are definitely 80 million Trump voters wondering where the count got so far off track that Biden actually won. Well, he didn’t actually win, but he sure did get the keys to the castle.




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