Anthony Fauci is a bloated hog who since the Orwellian year of 1984 has gorged himself at the bureaucratic trough.

With a salary of nearly half a million per annum–precisely $417,608–he is paid more than the head of all 27 institutes of the National Institutes of Health.  Director, Francis Collins, M.D., physician and world-class geneticist with a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, earns only $199,700.  Fauci is the highest-paid employee in the entire federal government taking in even more than the President of the United States.

But Fauci is not qualified to be director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at N.I.H.  He also lacks the qualifications to be the chief medical advisor to POTUS on COVID-19. And he’s a liar.

To evade the truth he was a no-show when a Congressional panel called him to answer for his role in the global COVID-19 pandemic which thousands of his e-mails prove. On May 11, 2021, he lied to the Senate that he did not fund the Communist Chinese gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He even lied about the definition of gain-of-function.


Let’s start with Fauci’s lack of qualifications. His wife’s bio on Wikipedia lists him as an “Immunologist”. If he’s an Immunologist then I’m an NFL mid-linebacker. In pre-med where most people choose a science major such as Zoology, Fauci chose “the Classics”.

Does Fauci have a degree in Immunology? Just a measly Bachelor’s maybe? No. He has no degree in Bacteriology, Epidemiology or Virology either. Never got a degree in Public Health. Never went to Africa to treat patients with infectious diseases. Then why was he ever appointed Director of N.I.H.’s Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the first place?

After medical school, he completed a residency in Internal Medicine then immediately went to work for N.I.H. The man never had a practice with patients. With his undergraduate major in the Classics and his subsequent lack of credentials, what did he expect to do at N.I.H. as head of NIAID?  Read Wuthering Heights to Ebola patients??

His track record of incompetence started when he set foot in N.I.H. In 2003 when C-Span was interviewing Fauci, a female physician from Durham, North Carolina called in to the t.v. show and bravely exposed Fauci’s incompetence, pointing out that America’s “ability to control infectious diseases hasn’t improved [under Fauci’s then 19-year reign] but, in fact, worsened” and called upon him to resign. The tyrannical hand puppet’s response? He said “No and laughed.


I’ll tell you why he refused. The director serves at the pleasure of the president. Every single director in N.I.H. history has been replaced by a new administration with the exception of the current Dr. Francis Collins whom President Trump kept as an Obama holdover and whom Joey Demento has not replaced. The tiny wily bureaucratic gamesman knows that he is secure in his non-political appointee position.

His 37-year reign of incompetence–surely a longevity record–until now has been a guaranteed perpetual job. But Representatives Andy Biggs (AZ); Mo Brooks (AL); Buddy Carter (GA); Paul Gosar (AZ); Matt Gaetz (FL); Bob Good (VA); Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA); Thomas Massie (KY); Mary Miller (IL); and Greg Steube (FL); have co-sponsored the Fire Fauci Act.


Gain-of-function research means experimenting with dangerous infectious pathogens. Pathogens, including but not limited to bacteria, viruses, and fungi, are deliberately strengthened to cause disease and death. The intent is for the contagion to cause disease and death as quickly as possible and to be transmitted over a maximal geographic area. It also includes genetic engineering to cause deadly pathogens to jump from animal species to humans.

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Theoretically in the hands of ethical researchers, the purpose of this research would be to discover ways to kill or attenuate the pathogen in the laboratory before the disease occurred in the population or at least to minimize its spread: in other words, bio-defense. But even in well-intentioned hands, it’s extremely dangerous.

Many respected scientific minds–among them epidemic and anthrax expert Meryl Nass, M.D.; Harvard Epidemiologist Mark Lipsitch, Ph.D.; Yale professor and Epidemiologist Alison Galvani, Ph.D.; Virologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris., Simon Wain-Hobson, Ph.D.; Professor Lord Robert May of Oxford, the former chief science advisor to the U.K. government–question not only its insignificant preventative efficacy but condemn its ethicality and raison d’être.

It’s not unreasonable to consider gain-of-function research the sick dabbling of twisted scientific minds.

And despite laboratory accidents that released high-risk pathogens from the CDC, the Wuhan lab, and elsewhere, the resultant U.S. ban on it, and a high risk of catastrophic pandemics, Fauci continued his obsessive funding of gain-of-function experiments.

It’s a foregone conclusion that such experimentation by China is not altruistic. China’s purpose is biowarfare: to develop a bioweapon against the world, especially against the United States. The nefarious mission of Communism from its inception has been world domination by the destruction of governments and social structures. And its tools always include mass extermination.

On May 11th Fauci–most likely from an evildoer’s arrogant delusion of invincibility due to having to enjoy such a long period of not being caught–even dared deny the definition of gain-of-function research to U.S. Senator Rand Paul who happens to be a physician!

Fauci, by his diversion of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to aid and abet biological warfare by an enemy regime hellbent on destroying the United States, has unquestionably committed treason. And the penalty for treason of such magnitude is life in prison…if not death.

Several years ago I originated a joke about Obama and the American traitor in the Revolutionary War. I’ll substitute Fauci’s name for Obama’s. “What’s the difference between Anthony Fauci and Benedict Arnold?”  “Benedict Arnold served in the military.”


Fauci is guilty not only of treason but of crimes against humanity and genocide because his Coronavirus destroyed lives and ravaged economies throughout the world.

Anthony Fauci is a mass murderer. His crimes against humanity, his mass extermination warrant his trial before the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. A case can be referred to the ICC Prosecutor by a country or the United Nations Security Council. As monetary reparation, Fauci’s assets should be confiscated.

While the ICC cannot impose a death penalty it can impose life imprisonment. However, the court of the defendant’s nationality has precedence over ICC jurisdiction. Therefore Anthony Fauci would first be tried for treason in the U.S. judicial system where he could receive the death penalty.


It’s unrealistic to assume that Fauci gave millions to China without expectation and receipt of substantial monetary gain. Consequently, the I.R.S. and other appropriate agencies should conduct a rigorous forensic financial investigation into both his financial affairs and those of people in whose names he could hide assets: viz., his wife, Christine Grady; his 3 children–Alison Fauci who works for Twitter, Jennifer Fauci and Megan Fauci; cronies; shell corporations, etc.  Not just his financial records but his travel records should be scrutinized for possible ties to the offshore tax havens of Anguilla, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Dominica, Nevis, Panama, the Isle of Man and others.


Anthony Fauci has betrayed you. Help bring Anthony Fauci to justice. Contact your Senator, preferably all Senators and Congressmen if you can, at . Write a short message and include the URL/web address of this article.

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