Hannity Won’t Last a Year at Fox News

Fox News host and media juggernaut Sean Hannity surprised a lot of people recently. He made a CLM recently: a career-limiting move.

Certainly Hannity survived the zombie apocalypse, post-Roger Ailes. The new management at Fox News proved to be more Left than Right, yet Hannity hung in there. Most likely due to Hannity’s “white bread” approach to conservatism.

That’s not to say that Hannity isn’t a conservative; he is. But his approach to his shows became very predictable. And the demise (coup) of Trump brought about the demise of Hannity.

His show slipped from the top spot at Fox News to “among” the top spots. Now Hannity can’t compete with Tucker Carlson. Over the years since my firing from Fox News, many people commented to me about the shows, and here are the prevailing thoughts.

(1) I pretty much stopped watching Fox News (after they fired you),

(2) I do like Tucker, and

(3) Hannity is boring.

Ok, I added that part, “after they fired” you.

But people did say that, along with “after they hired Donna Brazile”, as well as other questionable personnel changes. But most people abandoned Fox News because they noted the new agenda. And in that area, Hannity didn’t disappoint.

In what appears to be a body-swap with Geraldo Rivera, Hannity devoted a recent segment of his show to the Wuflu.

On the show, Hannity begged viewers to take a Wuflu vaccine. Ironically, one of his guests had a medical condition that occurred because of another vaccine.

  1. In speaking of the decision by a federal judge to allow the vaccine mandate for Indiana University, Hannity commented:

“I believe in the science of vaccination. Just like we’ve been saying, please take COVID seriously.”

“You also have a right to medical privacy, and doctor-patient confidentiality is also important. And it absolutely makes sense for many Americans to get vaccinated. I believe in science, I believe in the science of vaccination.”

The “science?” The science of lies about the number of people actually contracted Wuflu versus the actual number of deaths? And what of the science of all the deaths and other life-long maladies caused by vaccines for which there are no repercussions to adverse affects?

Hannity would later introduce Dr. Saphier noting her “pro-science” and “pro-vaccine science,” to lend credibility to his Draconian pro-Wuflu vaccine farce. Because the “science” Hannity speaks of is mostly made up. In fact, the science supports those of us who choose not to get the “death poke.”

Biden claims that only the unvaccinated face the “scamdemic” of Wuflu. And like most “vaxxers” the man lies about the statistic.

Joey Demento showcased typical Leftists scare tactics in that town hall. And Hannity joins Biden as part of the problem.

The UK reported that 40 percent of the hospitalizations from Wuflu come from, wait for it…the vaccinated. That one data point flies in the face of what Captain Demento told the American people.

And what of the 34 million (CDC reported) Americans who got Wuflu and remain alive? The actual number is far greater, but the CDC stopped counting.

Note that Biden happily gave the new number of people who died from Wuflu, but he won’t tell you that they represent less than one percent of the people who got it. And if you’re waiting for Joey Demento’s team to discuss the side-effects of these vaccines and report REAL figures, don’t hold your breath.

As for Hannity, he brought recent high school graduate Olivia Sandor on his show. She will no longer attend Brigham Young University in Hawaii after the Mormon college denied her request for a medical exemption from its WuFlu vaccine mandate.

Sandor opted out of the vaccine because she doesn’t need it, and the vaccine could trigger her underlying medical issue.

Yes, after hearing Sandor share her story, Fox News medical analyst Nicole Saphier appeared to criticize her for deciding not to get vaccinated. Saphier did this knowing that Sandor suffers from Guillain-Barre syndrome, a bona fide side-effect of one of the Wuflu vaccines.

“I would say for Olivia, while I understand the impetus behind not wanting to get vaccinated, as long as she continues to protect herself,” Saphier said, she should be OK. She then added that Sandor should also be worried about getting the coronavirus.

Saphier then explained that she did not know of any current coronavirus vaccines causing Guillain-Barre Syndrome but did appear to defend Sandor’s decision.

A Fox News medical expert that doesn’t know what the FDA and CDC admit?

Apparently Hannity isn’t the only pro-vaxxer on Fox News.

Jenna Ellis, an acquaintance of mine and legal adviser to former President Donald Trump, questioned why Fox News had begun pushing vaccination. She tweeted:

Why are multiple Fox hosts suddenly devoting entire segments today begging people to take the vaccine?

You’d think the Murdochs just acquired Pfizer.

From my vantage point, Hannity is looking for ratings…in all the wrong places.

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