Leftists Clearly Manipulated the Data, But WHY?

The average life expectancy in America continually moves up. Yes, even in the time of Wuflu.

Despite Wuflu knocking off the 80+ generation of Americans, we still enjoy relatively long lives. And life-expectancy numbers don’t lie. Or do they?

According to The New York Post:

New Yorkers have the third-longest life expectancy in the US. Meanwhile, those born in the South have fewer years, according to a new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Overall, Americans are expected to live an average of 78.7 years, the report published Thursday by the National Center for Health Statistics, a branch of the CDC, found.

The state with the lowest life expectancy was West Virginia, whose residents live an average of 74.4 years.

Rounding out the bottom 10 states were Mississippi (74.6), Alabama (75.1), Kentucky (75.3), Tennessee (75.5), Louisiana (75.6), Oklahoma (75.6), Arkansas (75.6), South Carolina (76.5) and Missouri (76.6). . .

On the other end of the spectrum, Hawaii fared the best – with an average life expectancy of 81 years – followed by California (80.8), New York (80.5), Minnesota (80.5), Connecticut (80.4), Massachusetts (80.1), Washington state (80), Colorado (80), New Jersey (79.8) and Rhode Island (79.8).

So we are to believe that in BLUE states, people live longer?

I call BS.

24/7 Wall Street reported:

Life expectancy is one of the main measures of a population’s overall health. With the exception of the last three years — when the U.S. life expectancy dropped largely because of spikes in suicide and opioid deaths (coronavirus-related deaths have yet to make it into annual statistics) — life expectancy in the United States has generally been increasing.

Given the serious uptick in drug use and suicide during the scamdemic and the Biden Era in general, expect these numbers to change dramatically at the next report.

Further, the report touts “obesity” as their main statistic in life-expectancy. You know, fat Southerners. However, the real issue driving life-expectancy in America is living in cities controlled by Democrats.

City life kills. And in massive numbers.

Think the CDC will provide real data on how the stress of living in Chicago for example, impacts the health and well-being of its citizens? Or will the media report on the stress created by the mass hysteria of the Wuflu scamdemic?

Leftism kills. And in greater numbers than almost any single source, except abortion. But don’t expect the CDC or any other Leftist-controlled agency to give you the truth on the scourge of Leftism.



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