MAJOR Step by Maricopa County to Stop Election Cheating

While Leftists continue their attempt to cover up the coup against President Trump, evidence mounts against them.

Only a fool would deny that The Big Cheat occurred. As we’ve learned in America, speaking the truth can get you fired, doxed, banned, or worse. However, there remain a few people willing to stand for truth, regardless of the circumstances. Such are the Republicans of Maricopa County.

Under fire for daring to audit a crooked election, the Republican-led Arizona Senate pushed on. Now voting machines subpoenaed by them will be removed from service.

To understand what’s happening, one must understand Arizona politics. For example, the state was run by John McCain. Thus, while Arizona appeared to be red, in fact the state was seriously blue.

McCain’s partner-in-Leftism was none other than Jeff “the flake” Flake. So Arizona had two of the biggest RINOs in politics representing the state. We all know how this worked out for Arizona and America, when John McCain sided with Democrats on Obamacare.

Because of our two senators being RINOs, Arizona elected a RINO governor, namely Doug Ducey. Recently, Ducey vetoed a bill for fair elections in AZ.

For the first time since 2019, Gov. Doug Ducey brought out his veto pen today saying no to an election bill from Rep. John Kavanagh that passed both chambers unanimously.

HB 2360 would give complete authority to the Secretary of State’s Office to operate and maintain the online voter registration system, removing it from the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Kavanagh had pitched the bill as putting the voter registration system in its rightful place under the Secretary of State’s Office, but Ducey‘s office panned it as unnecessary.

“The Arizona Department of Transportation has developed a site and a system that Arizonans recognize and appreciate,” Ducey wrote in his veto letter.

Elections and vehicle registrations? 16-year-olds can register vehicles, but not vote in elections.

Moreover, this bill got BIPARTISAN support, yet Ducey vetoed it? It certainly couldn’t be based on costs, as this is merely moving a database from one department to another.

If this were Ducey’s only crime against voter disenfranchisement, I wouldn’t be too mad at him. But certifying illegal election results is unforgiveable. Which brings me back to the ban of voting machines.

Meet Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs:

Before becoming secretary of state in 2019, Hobbs was the minority leader in the Arizona state Senate. She has a master’s degree in social work from Arizona State University. Hobbs came under fire a while back for old tweets that read that President Donald Trump was “on the side of the freaking Nazis”. Next, she called Trump commented that Trump had a “neo-Nazi base.”

Now that Hobbs is running for governor of Arizona, she pretends to want legit machines. Yahoo reports:

Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel responded to a May 20 letter from Arizona’s Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who advised the county to replace its voting machines over concerns the review hurt their “security and integrity” because the chain of custody had been “compromised.”

“The voters of Maricopa County can rest assured, the County will never use equipment that could pose a risk to free and fair elections. The County recognizes Secretary Hobbs’ authority under A.R.S. § 16-442 to certify equipment for use in Arizona’s elections. As a result, the County will not use the subpoenaed equipment in any future elections,” the county said in a statement on Monday.

“Maricopa County noted this potential risk in February when it asked the court for guidance on the Senate subpoenas. Since then, the County has implemented back up plans that include acquiring new tabulation equipment for the March and May jurisdictional elections in 2021,” the statement added.

The audit began earlier this year after the Arizona Senate received a favorable ruling from a judge who found its subpoenas to be “legal and enforceable.” Local reporters noted on Monday the Arizona Senate agreed in April that Maricopa County would not have to pay for damages or any costs of replacing machines, and a spokesperson said it “hasn’t been decided” whether the county will seek reimbursement.

Reimbursement from whom? If you guessed “Dominion,” I’d bet you are right.

The auditors, led by private firm Cyber Ninjas, announced last week the ballot inspection had come to a close. With auditors having finished a recount of 2.1 million ballots cast in Arizona’s most populous county, I can hardly wait for the results. We are told that we will know the results around Labor Day.

Things won’t get easier for Leftists. At least we will get resolution, unlike what the lackluster team of Barr and Durham provided.

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