President Zuckerberg: Biden Walks Back Attack on Facebook

Who said America wasn’t ready for a Jewish president?! And what Joey Demento Biden learned is you don’t mess with President Mark Zuckerberg.

In his attempt to get Facebook to further limit the free speech of Americans, Joe Biden accused Facebook of “killing people”. How?

By allowing people to showcase their displeasure of the Draconian measures regarding the various Wuflu vaccines, Facebook allows disinformation. At least that what Team Demento now promotes.

Understand that Facebook is the reason Biden got elected. And up to now has run point on disinformation and misdirection for the Left. Suddenly, Biden wants to chide the social media Gestapo? What gives?

According to some, Biden free-wheeled his comments; went off script, as he is prone to do. So now he must clean up his act.

Biden’s statement triggered President Zuckerberg, a man who can buy Biden many times over, despite Hunter’s success in the Biden family business. Worse, Zuckerberg is the largest media source–correction: fake news media source. And Zuckerberg apparently made his feelings known, issuing a furious response according to media outlets I read.

Thus, Biden backed down. He adjusted his statement, saying Facebook “isn’t killing people.”

“My hope is that Facebook, instead of taking it personally — that somehow I’m saying Facebook is killing people — that they would do something about the misinformation, the outrageous information about the vaccine. That’s what I meant.”

Oh, so now Biden said what he meant.

So apparently Facebook “allowing” people to voice their issues with forced vaccinations of the “cure that kills” is no longer a bad thing.

Memo to readers: people voicing their opinions on the vaccines was never a bad thing. And the fact that Facebook even argues this, proves that their platform is bogus.

Facebook should have NO authority on what people put on the platform, with the exception of threats or things that actually violate “community standards,” e.g. porn, crimes, etc. If a person has a strong opinion about race, religion, policy, etc., their point of view is valid-21 at least to them.

Interestingly, the Biden administration knows that Facebook has gone too far. But when the administration pushes a fake agenda, Facebook is expected to get on board.

In this case, they didn’t. Because Zuckerberg now possesses enough power to push presidents around. Just like he did with President Trump. Now Biden experiences the wrath of the Jewish millennial.

The big guy’s walk-back of his original comments marks the second time in recent weeks he’s been forced to backtrack from public comments that have caused a stir.

It’s caused some consternation among people close to the White House and raised memories of past Biden gaffes.

Add this to the long line of Biden f*ck ups. And the good news for those who opposed the usurper is that Biden will continue to say and do moronic things, until the powers that be finally grow weary of him.


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