Rasmussen: Who’s more racist, Black Leftists or White Leftists?

I’m surprised Rasmussen took on this topic. Particularly in the era of “woke.” With Joey Demento’s administration pushing Critical Race Theory, clearly, they believe that America suffers from racism.

Where is the racism? That’s an interesting question for which Leftists have no answer. According to Rasmussen’s poll on the subject, America found the answer.

Rasmussen wrote,

Americans believe Blacks are more racist than whites and think Hispanics and Asians are less racist.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey found that 70% of American Adults think the term “racism” refers to any discrimination by people of one race against another. Just 16% say it refers only to discrimination by white people against minorities. Another 14% are not sure. These findings have not changed much since 2020. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

And, to add fuel to the fire, another study from researchers at Tufts University’s School of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Business School suggests white people have replaced black people as the primary targets of racism.

Clearly, America knows that Blacks are the most racist people in the country. But there is more to this.

Along with Black racists, however, there exist others in the country who join them in their racist ways. Almost all these people belong to an exclusive club: Leftists.

Leftists are racist, and it doesn’t matter their color, gender, sexuality, or whatever. If you hear of racism, a Leftist is almost certainly the owner.

From Oscars so White to Critical Race Theory, understand that this spectrum of racism is from Leftists. Black Leftist elites were unhappy not getting trophies, despite making millions in Hollywood. And white racist elitists keep Black idiots begging for more, despite having no evidence of real racism from others besides themselves.

These same white Leftist racists have no problem denigrating themselves to appear “woke.” Meanwhile, they convince a generation of young blacks that America is racist, regardless of the countless examples of a non-racist America.

Just look at the LeBron James factor. He was recently crowned the first black athlete to reach the status of Billionaire. And there are several black athletes slated to join him soon. However, you can bet LeBron won’t thank America for the opportunity. Instead, he will play the role of the oppressed, no matter how many Benjamins he collects. Because that’s the America he wants the next generation to believe in.

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